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NFL Power Rankings

I’ll give one sentence as to why I think each team should be where they are


I was given some hate already for the list, your team sucks we already know why you’re mad.


32. Carolina Panthers: Traded away CMC and Robbie Andreson while only having 1 win

31. Washington Commanders: They won, but did they? It’s almost worse that they should have lost but somehow won

30. Chicago Bears: They lost but actually showed some offensive capability towards the end when trying to come back

29. Denver Broncos: Arguably both the worst offense in the league and the absolute most disappointing team in the league, but their defense has kept the team afloat

28. Cleveland Browns: All they are doing is waiting for DeShaun Watson and they play call like they already have him, if you can’t run the damn ball get rid of your running backs

27. Jacksonville Jaguars: Remember when we thought they were good? Haha me too, their defense is flat and Trevor Lawrence looks like Captian Checkdown

26. Pittsburgh Steelers: Yeah yeah, the Steelers beat Tom Brady but they still look like a terrible offense but the defense keeps them in games

25. Houston Texans: You’re probably shocked, this team only has 1 win, but Dameon Pierce, Mills Mafia and their defense keeps them close, they have only played 1 game decided by more than a score

24. Green Bay Packers: No passing weapons along with a sleeping defense doesn’t give you much hope, I mean, you lost to the Jets

23. Detroit Lions: Well, you lost the bye, they have allowed the third most points in the league and they have played one less game than the rest, and the 2 teams that have allowed more have played 2 more games than them (New Orleans and Arizona played Thursday night).

22. LA Rams: Arguably the worst defending champions of all time, congrats, you beat the Panthers by 2 touchdowns, your QB doesn’t recognize any other receiver and your division rival just acquired a shiny new running back

21. New Orleans Saints: No Jameis? No fun, Andy Dalton is good enough to get you within a score or two

20. Arizona Cardinals: They cannot play in the first half but getting Robbie Anderson and D-Hop should get them higher in the coming weeks

19. Baltimore Ravens: 3 losses with all of them blown double digit leads and another win with a blown double digit lead

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Arguably the worst performance of the week, losing to one of the worst offenses in football, both not holding them to under 10 points and not scoring over 20 points is pretty sad, this may be a game to panic over

17. Seattle Seahawks: Top 10 scoring offense in football? Tied for first place in the West? How aren’t they higher up

16. Las Vegas Raiders: They’re 1-4 but a good 1-4 and coming off a bye and heading into a light schedule with Houston, New Orleans and Jacksonville, they could be 4-4 very soon

15. Indianapolis Colts: I may be a homer but Matt Ryan is second in pass yards and they are playing in a matchup that could decide the AFC SOUTH

14. New York Jets: When you go into Lambeau and win it’s worth a high spot, they’re 4-2 and on a 3 game win streak

13. Tennessee Titans: They don’t win good, but they win, 1st place in the South with a healthy Derrick Henry

12. Miami Dolphins: Not much to say, with Tua they were undefeated until he went down, now they suck, but he’s back 

11. New England Patriots: Zappe or Mac, stupidly they are actually asking that, but Zappe is 2-0 as a starter and the Pats 3-3 and looking at a playoff spot

10. Atlanta Falcons: They should have beat the Bucs and they are tied for first again in the South

9. Dallas Cowboys: They’re 4-2 and looking at a playoff spot yet they are somehow in third the NFC Beast is back

8. Minnesota Vikings: You know, they don’t win big but they win, they have a 3 game lead on Green Bay for the North (2 game lead plus tiebreaker)

7. San Francisco 49ers: CMC is home and the 49ers are tied for first in the West with pretty much everyone, even though they lost

6. Los Angeles Chargers: They’re also tied for first with an overtime divisional win on Monday Night, they are also on a 3 game win streak

5. Cincinnati Bengals: They needed a visit to the home turf to get their mojo back, and they’re back, since they’re 0-2 start they are 3-1, that only loss was a weird divisional game

4. New York Giants: The Gggggggggggg-mennnnnnnnnnn are full on back, when Saquon is healthy the Giants actually are more than one dimensional

3. Kansas City Chiefs: The Bills and Chiefs are going to flip flop all year, they lost, but they aren’t any worse, and can you truly say any other team is better?

2. Buffalo Bills: A big win over KC, a win there is more valuable than the value of the loss for the Chiefs

1. Philadelphia Eagles: They’re undefeated with almost no true holes in their roster, their coach is meh, so maybe their only issue

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