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NFL Sunday Predictions


Broncos vs. Jaguars

The Broncos have a really good defense and might easily stop the Jaguars quite a bit. The Broncos also had an okay offense during week one. Jerry Jeudy is out for the game but they have pretty good depth. The Jaguars don’t have a good defense. Trevor Lawrence threw three interceptions last week and with the Broncos defense, I think the Jaguars won’t score much. I have the Broncos winning 28-10. 


Bengals vs. Bears

The Bengals showed their capabilities in week one and actually kind of shocked me. The Bears on the other hand were pretty bad. I still think the Bears have a really good chance at this game but I have to take the Bengals winning 24-21. 


Texans vs. Browns

The Texans really shocked me last week when they put 37 points on the board. Brandin Cooks looked really good and Tyrod Taylor wasn’t bad. The Browns kept a strong and long lead against the Chiefs but lost it near the end of the game. I love this Browns team and I think they will make it far this season. The Browns win 38- 10. 


Rams vs. Colts

The Rams played a great game against the Bears. They put up 34 points and Matthew Stafford looked amazing. The Colts lost to the Seahawks and didn’t look the best at all. I think the Rams offense and defense will show through this game and win 38-17. 


Bills vs. Dolphins

The Bills did not play great last week and the game was just messy. The Dolphins won last week by a point. Waddle looked good and had a decent game. Although the Bills played bad last week, I still have them winning 24-17. 


Patriots vs. Jets

I am looking forward to this game. Mac Jones faces Zach Wilson. They both played well last week. I loved both of their play last week. At first, I had the Patriots winning this game but I thought about it more and I think the Jets will take the edge 20-17. 


 49ers vs. Eagles

The 49ers looked strong at the beginning of the game last week but almost choked and let the Lions come really close to beating them. The Eagles looked strong all game last week and I was excited to see Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith. I honestly think the Eagles will pull this win off 27-21.


Raiders vs. Steelers

The Raiders were good last week and the Steelers were not. They still got the dub though. I have the Raiders pulling the upset and winning 28-21. 


Saints vs. Panthers 

The Saints smashed the Packers last week 38-3. The Panthers barely beat the Jets last week. I got the Saints 34-17.


 Vikings vs. Cardinals

The Vikings lost to the Bengals as the Cardinals stomped on the Titans. The Cardinals take the dub 41-21. 


Falcons vs. Buccaneers

The Falcons did terrible last week. The Buccaneers had a high scoring game against the Cowboys. The Buccaneers win this one 38-10.


Cowboys vs. Chargers

Amari Cooper and CeeDee lamb did really well last week and they are a deadly duo. I have them taking over the Chargers 38-21.


Titans vs. Seahawks

The Titans were extremely disappointing last week. The Seahawks looked pretty well and Russell Wilson is starting off the season deadly like usual. The Seahawks will take this one 31-21.


Chiefs vs. Ravens

The Browns were stopping the Chiefs quite a bit but Mahomes finally made the change in the fourth quarter. The Ravens played a close game with the Raiders and took the loss. The Chiefs win this one 35-31.