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NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

Missed a couple weeks, but here I am starting my weekly NFL Power Rankings. Since this is my first week, there won’t be any trending up or down, until next week. Without further ado, lets get into it.


#1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0

Not much to say here, 2 wins for a team that brought back all 22 starters from their Super Bowl win. Beat the Cowboys then slaughtered the Falcons. Brady to Gronk is still alive in 2021 as Gronk leads the league with 4 RECTD. 


#2. Kansas City Chiefs 1-1

Yes, Kansas City lost a game. Yes the game they lost is to a team that will be behind them. Do I care? No. The Chiefs are 2-0 if Heliare doesn’t fumble and would be my #1 team had they won. The offense is still elite, the blocking has improved, but the defense needs to be better. 


#3. Los Angeles Rams 2-0

In my opinion, this is the only team that I’ve seen right now that can beat the Buccaneers in the NFC. They dominated the Bears in week 1 then had a tougher game in week 2 against the Colts where Cooper Kupp exploded and led them to victory. Stafford makes this team legit contenders in the NFC.


#4. Arizona Cardinals 2-0

The Cards are 1 of 7 teams to begin this season undefeated, 5 of which are in the NFC. This offense is explosive scoring 72 points in 2 games, which is 2nd to the Buccaneers. However, the defense worries me. They; Chandler Jones was able to will that defense week 1 with 5 sacks against the Titans but the secondary got ruined against the Vikings. In order for them to compete for an NFC West title, they’ll need the secondary to improve tremendously.


#5. Las Vegas Raiders 2-0

Las Vegas is off to a surprising 2-0 start after beating the Ravens in OT and beating the Steelers by 2 scores last week. In the Ravens game, the pass rush looked legit and I’m not sure if that was because they are ready to be a top unit, or if the Ravens OL struggles were that bad. Derek Carr leads the league in passing but I think the Raiders need to get Josh Jacobs going more when he’s healthy. He’s a big time playmaker for this team and could have a big season for them.


#6 Baltimore Ravens 1-1

Now its time for the Ravens. Coming off a big win against KC in week 2, the Ravens put themselves back into the conversation for being a contender in the AFC after a disappointing loss against the Raiders. The OL is a glaring problem, and could hold them back if they don’t find some help or someone steps up. 


#7 Buffalo Bills 1-1

The Bills offensive was silenced against one of the leagues best groups in the Steelers, and then bounced back and showed what they were about against the Dolphins, winning 35-0. A dominant performance against another solid defense is what I expect from the Bills week in and week out. A cause for concern is Josh Allen however, only completing passes at a 56% clip and was held to 170 yards against Miami.


#8 Cleveland Browns 1-1

The Browns could be 2-0 and be in the top 5, but a crucial late game Baker Mayfield INT in week 1 puts them at 8 for now. The offense looks good, and will only improve when OBJ returns. If this team can get mediocre QB play from Baker, they will make a deep playoff run.


#9 San Franciso 49ers 2-0

If they could put away games, they’d be inside the top 5. Both wins have been decided by 1 score, however against the Lions they gave up an onside kick which led to a TD which made the game seem closer than it really was. Defense looked great against Philly, but the O leaves much to be desired.


#10. Dallas Cowboys 1-1

Dallas has been in 2 close games against 2 good teams in the Buccaneers and the Chargers. Arguably a missed OPI call away from 2-0. This team gave the Buccaneers some trouble both ways, but were just unable to close. Greg Zuerlin made up for his 3 missed kicks in week 1 and nailed a 56 yarder to beat the Chargers. This offense is scary, Trevon Diggs is the real deal, and the D has looked much improved from last year.


#11 Carolina Panthers 2-0

Offensively in week 1, they struggled against a week Jets D, but followed it up with a much better game against a great New Orleans unit. The defense has been spectacular thus far. Darnold may have been the missing piece for Carolina to get over the hump of mediocracy.


#12 Tennesse Titans 1-1

An awful game from them in week 1, but they answered with a big OT win against the Seahawks. Henry went from under 60 yards in week 1, to 182 and 3 TDS against Seattle. The offense got going, but the defense still struggled which leaves me the question; is this defensive unit good enough for them to win the division?


#13 Seattle Seahawks 1-1

We all knew this team could score enough points to win games, but the question marks were on defense. In week 1, they looked great. In the 2nd half against the Titans, both the O and the D went cold. Not sure which week was the defensive fluke, and this week against Minnesota will be telling.


#14 Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1

Coming off an impressive week 1 win against a good Bills team, I expected big things from Pittsburgh going against the Raiders. Boy, was I disappointed. Big Ben holds this team back, but not as much as the offensive line does. The defense is gonna be one of the best units across the board this year, but this team will live and die up front offensively.


#15 Green Bay Packers 1-1

After a rather… disheartening week 1 loss at the hands of the Saints, the Packers needed a bounce back game and who better to face than the Lions. Rodgers looked like his old self, Aaron Jones had 4 TDS, and the defense in the 2nd half was outstanding. Great things to look forward to next week, another win abd they could find themselves as a top 10 team.


#16 New England Patriots 1-1

A late 4th quarter fumble by Damien Harris is the reason this team isn’t 2-0, like the Chiefs. The Pats bounced back in a pretty boring game against the Jets, forcing Zach Wilson to throw 4 interceptions, 2 from JC Jackson. Mac Jones looks like the best rookie QB 2 games in, and if he continues that trend the Pats should find themselves in the thick of the AFC WC race.


#17 New Orleans Saints 1-1

2 games in there’s a lot to digest for the Saints. Week 1, dominating the 2nd best team in the NFC last season, to getting embarrassed by the Panthers. Winston looked like an MVP against the Packers, but then like his old self against the Panthers. Mediocre QB play gets this team in the hunt.


#18 Philadelphia Eagles 1-1

Philly looked spectacular against Atlanta week 1, and I was excited about them facing the 49ers defense to see how Hurts would play. He struggled, and with that they lost. This defensive unit looks great, allowing just 23 points in 2 games which is tied for 2nd trailing only the Panthers. 


#19 Los Angeles Chargers 1-1

2 close games for the Chargers, 1 they closed out and 1 they couldn’t. Facing a tough defense in WFT, I thought the O looked solid, but against the Cowboys they looked about the same, when I was looking for a step up. On the bright side, the defense held the Cowboys to just 20 points.


#20 Denver Broncos 2-0

Who would’ve had the Broncos at 2-0 to start the year? Oh, everyone? 2 cakewalk opponents in the Giants and the Jaguars in the reason for that. The defense is legit, forcing 2 INT against Trevor Lawrence, and surrendering just 26 points in 2 games. Bridgewater looks like a guy that can get them in a playoff race early, but I’m skeptical to see if he can keep it up against better competition.


#21 Washington Football Team 1-1 

Defensively, they’ve been disappointing, however the offense with Taylor Heinicke was great against the Giants in week 2. If the D gets back on track and Heinicke gives them decent play, they should win the division.


#22 Indianapolis Colts 0-2

0-2 is not something I had expected from Indy, but with 2 very tough opponents, it makes sense. Wentz left late in week 2 which forced Jacob Eason into play, which led to a costly INT. Another tough game against the Titans will make or break their season.


#23 Minnesota Vikings 0-2

The Vikings have played well enough to be 2-0, but lost to a worse Bengals team, then couldn’t kick week 2 which is the ultimate reason of their loss. This team’s defense as a unit has disappointed me, but the offensively is exceeding my expectations. Hopefully they can bounce back, which they’re capable of doing with that roster, and find themselves in the hunt for a WC spot.


#24 Miami Dolphins 1-1

Not only is Tua out for week 3, they also lost 35-0 to a division rival. Jacoby Brissett will serve as his replacement while he’s out. They face a tough Raiders team this week, and they’ll the defense to replicate week 1 in order to keep it a game.


#25 Detroit Lions 0-2

I’m high on the Lions personally. I loved what they did in the 1st half against the Packers, on both sides of the ball. The resiliency of that team to comeback the way they did against the 49ers, despite coming up short. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Goff, and perhaps he is the answer long term for the Lions.


#26 Chicago Bears 1-1

Another team without their starting QB with Andy Dalton going down which forces Justin Fields into the starting role, who didn’t look particularly great last week. Defense is a solid group, but needs a big offense to stay in games.


#27 New York Giants 0-2

Daniel Jones looked great on TNF, yet his team is still 0-2. Penalties killed the Giants in week 2, but in week 1 in was the lack of offense. I don’t expect much from this team, but maybe Jones can have a decent season and keep his job for 1 more year.


#28 Houston Texans 1-1

Davis Mills will start for the Texans due to, yes, an injury to Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod had kept this team in the game against the Browns before he left, and had a great game in week 1 along with the defense forcing 3 Trevor Lawrence INT’s. Another team I don’t expect to be good, but with no Tyrod, I’m not sure they’ll be competitive.


#29 Cincinatti Bengals 1-1

Upset the Vikings, then got beat by a weaker Bears team. This team isn’t good upfront on the OL, or in the defensive secondary after losing William Jackson in FA. Burrow was bad last week, and they’ll need him to step it up big time in order to stay competitive.


#30 New York Jets 0-2

Zach Wilson is tied for the most INT throw through 2 weeks. The defense looks a lot better than advertised, but man is Wilson holding them back.


#31 Atlanta Falcons 0-2

The Falcons might have the worst defense in the league. Sure, Ryan struggled against Philly, but the D gave up 32 points. Then after he brought it back vs the Bucs, he threw 3 INT in the game and ended up losing by 3 scores. They take on NYG this week, which should be a good game to see what the young guys are made of.


#32 Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2

The guy tied with 5 INT with Zach WIilson? Trevor Lawrence. 3 vs the Texans followed up by another 2 against the Broncos. Urban Meyer hasn’t done a good job at all utilizing James Robinson, who only had 5 carries in week 1 which was less than backup Carlos Hyde. I thought adding TLaw, Shaquil Griffin, and Marvin Jones this team would be at least competitive, which has yet to be seen.



That does it for my Power Rankings through 2 weeks! Next week I’ll add who’s trending up and down, and who I expect to rise and fall. Let me know your thoughts and opinion down in the comments, if you agree or disagree!


  1. First of all I love your top 4 and overall the rankings are pretty good. However, I have a tough problem with ranking the Raiders above the Ravens, Browns, and Bills. Raiders always start off hot. I think they are top 10 but barely. Also, the Packers are still and elite team that are contenders. They should be top 6 or 7 IMO. Great article and great analysis on the teams.

    1. Appreciate the comment! Raiders over the Ravens because they beat them, have another solid win against the Steelers, have Carr looks like an MVP. I also agree that they’ll fall off eventually. I expect all 3 teams you named to move above them provided they play a solid game. The Packers are going to turn it around, they just haven’t yet which is why I have them so low. Got dominated by the Saints, and then beat the Lions. A win this week puts them in my top 10.