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NFL Week 3 Predictions

NFL week 3 is already here. So I am here to make my predictions and recap of week 2. Last week, I went 9-7. Not the best. So many comebacks were made last week, it was fun all around. So let’s get into it!

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

For the 2nd week in a row, we get a same division matchup on Thursday. This time, it is the AFC North. The Steelers are coming off a loss from the Patriots. It wasn’t really a good game for either team, both couldn’t really figure it out. The Browns are coming off an embarrassing loss from the Jets. What makes it embarrassing is the fact that the Browns were up 30-17 with less than 2 minutes to go. They somehow let the Jets come back in those last 2 minutes. This matchup is going to prove who is better. We get to see Trubisky and Brissett get after it, both of which are starting quarterbacks on new teams this year. I think the Browns are going to win this one, Chubb has been unstoppable and I think he will catch the dub for Cleveland. 

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

The Saints just lost to the Buccaneers and it was another game where neither team looked the best. It was pretty boring, besides the brawl, and wasn’t really worth watching. The Panthers are 0-2 to start out the season. They just lost to the Giants by 3. I think this game will be pretty close throughout the whole 4 quarters. But I have the Saints pulling away and taking the dub. 

Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears

The Texans have yet to get a win after tying the first game and losing the second. They just lost to the Broncos and AGAIN, it was another game where both teams were not good. The Bears are coming off a loss from Aaron Rodgers (their father) and the Packers. Okay, sorry, but I had to. I think the Bears will control this game the whole time. The Texans are just not ready yet, and I think Fields has major potential. Bears win. 

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

The Chiefs are still the Chiefs without Tyreek and they keep proving. They squeezed by the Chargers to get a win last week and go 2-0. They are looking really good this year already. The Colts however, the complete opposite. They tied the Texans and then lost 24-0 to the Jaguars, ouch. And I definitely don’t think they will get it here. I have the Chiefs winning again and have the Colts still searching for a dub. 

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

The Bills are looking unstoppable already as well. They came into this season beating the Super Bowl Champions 31-10, and they just got done blowing the Titans out 41-7, combining for a score of 72-17. The Dolphins are also 2-0. They just played the Ravens and it was an amazing game. It looked like the Ravens had it with Lamar, Bateman, and Duvernay on fire. But Tua, Tyreek, and Waddle were not having it. They came out of nowhere and started closing the points gap. They came back and won the game. I think this could be a good game, however, I have to pick the Bills by the way that they are playing. 

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

The Lions are looking decent this year, almost beating eagles then beating Commanders. The Vikings are a confusing team already. They beat out the Packers but then got blown out by the Eagles. But it was also Prime Time Kirk Cousins and we know how he plays. I think the Vikings will win this one but it might be close. 

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

The Ravens are looking pretty dominant. They just lost to the Dolphins but still looked absolutely amazing. The Patriots are looking like a mediocre team at best. This game is the game to prove they are in it to win it. But I think Baltimore will take this dub and run far away with it. Sorry Mac. 

Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets

The Super Bowl losers are not looking good. Already 0-2. They lost to Trubisky and Cooper Rush, yes, a backup quarterback for Dallas. Their o-line is one of the worst things I have seen. They need to win this game or it is over. The Jets actually aren’t looking too bad, but also not great. With how both teams have been playing, this can go either way. Half of me wants to pick the Bengals but the other half lost faith. I am going to pick the Bengals to win, if they don’t, I am roasting them next week and showing no mercy. 

Las Vegas Raiders @ Tennessee Titans

We get two 0-2 teams here. The Raiders were supposed to be pretty good this year with Adams. They lost to the Charger week one which is understandable. I would say losing to the Cardinals wouldn’t be too bad, but it is when you had a 20-0 lead. Ouch. The Titans look like crap, I’m just going to say it. My grandma could be a better quarterback than Ryan. He looks like old Miami him, maybe worse. I think the Raiders win this game, maybe they will keep a lead. 

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Commanders

The Eagles are looking spicy. They look outstanding. For the Commanders, they aren’t terrible but could be better. Wentz actually looks good. But I think the Eagles will win and make their record 3-0. They are acting like their old Super Bowl team against Brady. 

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Los Angeles Chargers

The Jaguars just blew out the Colts 24-0 so they have major momentum coming into this game. The Chargers lost to the Chiefs after Herbert threw a 99-yard pick six. The Chargers should still overcome and win this game as I don’t see them losing to an AFC South team. 

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

The Rams just BARELY beat out a bad Falcons team. The Cardinals came back and won from a 20-lead against the Raiders. This game is tough. I really want to pick the Cardinals but the Rams just like to come out of nowhere. I am going to trust my gut and go with the Cardinals and hope they don’t let me down. 

Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

This game is going to be crap, I am just calling it. I don’t think that this game is even worth watching. The Falcons are 0-2 and looking bad, so how they have looked since the 28-3 Super Bowl deal. The Seahawks are coming off a loss from Jimmy G. I think the Seahawks win this in terrible fashion.

Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Packers are coming off a win against the Bears. They finally did something, since they couldn’t week one. The Buccaneers aren’t looking good with most of their wide receivers gone. I think the Packers take this one and call it a game. 

San Francisco 49ers @ Denver Broncos

The 49ers just lost Trey Lance for the season. They still beat the Seahawks, but it is the Seahawks so. As a Broncos fan, I already hate this season. Wilson needs to start throwing balls and stop saying Let’s Ride. Because it doesn’t even look like They Tried. I think the Broncos will win but if they don’t, I am burning them alive next week. 

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

The Cowboys just beat the Bengals with Cooper Rush so that is something. The Giants are 2-0, weird huh? But this Monday Night Football game seems boring. I think the Cowboys will win and Cooper Rush will win NVP. Oh Yeahhhhh baby!!!!