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Offensive Rookie Ratings Week One

The NFL season has finally begun and the first week is over. Some rookies got the opportunity to start and some didn’t but still had some plays. I am going to be rating some of the offensive rookie that got a lot of playing time. I am going to go over there stats and give them a letter grade. Here is my grading scale. 

A+ = Incredible, top notch game, above their expectations. A = Amazing, awesome performance. A- = Awesome game, left a little room to improve. B+ = Could have done better but still had a great game. B = Good game, could have done some things different. B- = Okay decent game, could have done a lot better if they really tried. C+ = Not good, but around average. C = Average but bad. C- = Lucky you played as long as you did but not terrible. D = You are really close to not playing. F = Get on the bench and stay there for a couple games. Let’s go!

Zach Wilson – QB – New York Jets – 2nd Pick 

Zach Wilson had a great game in my opinion. He threw two touchdowns and one interception. He threw 37 and only 20 were completed but there were a lot of good passes that the wide receivers dropped. He threw for 258 yards. He did lose the game but it was close. He had incredible footwork and escaped the defense a few times. He ended up getting sacked six times. Zach Wilson gets a B+ from me. 


Mac Jones – QB – New England Patriots – 15th Pick

Mac Jones also lost his first NFL game. He threw one touchdown and no interceptions. He threw 281 yards and completed 29 out of 39 throws. He did amazing no doubt. He threw the ball incredibly and has a lot of potential in the future. Mac Jones was the best rookie in week one in my opinion. He handled everything well. He gets an A-. 


Najee Harris – RB – Pittsburgh Steelers – 24th Pick 

Najee Harris did not have a great game. He rushed for 45 yards on 16 carries. He could have done way better. He did face one of the top defenses, Buffalo. I can definitely see that he does have potential too though. He may have not looked good there but he has a lot more to show. We can’t rate a whole player’s season or career off of one game. He has something coming. He gets a C+. 


Ja’marr Chase – WR – Cincinnati Bengals – 5th Pick

Ja’marr Chase was targeted seven times and he caught five of them. He had 101 receiving yards. He also had a touchdown. Ja’marr Chase has his former LSU teammate, Joe Burrow, throwing to him. He had a couple of drops that he should have had but he is a rookie. I think he did well for his first game. He can improve but he is honestly good where he is right now. Chase gets a B+. 


Trevor Lawrence – QB – Jacksonville Jaguars – 1st Pick 

Lawrence was drafted 1st overall as he was amazing in college. But this game was terrible for him. He threw three touchdowns but threw three interceptions. He threw 51 passes but only 28 were completed. He did throw for 332 yards though. Lawrence had a lot of high expectations coming in as the 1st draft pick. So he had some pressure on him but this just didn’t look good. He still has potential and time to prove that he was worth it. He gets a C-. 


DeVonta Smith – WR – Philadelphia Eagles – 10th Pick 

Like Chase, Smith has his former college teammate at quarterback. He caught six out of 8 throws. He had 71 yards and a touchdown. His average yards per catch was 11.8 which is good because he is averaging almost 2 yards more than a first down. If he keeps this up, he will be an amazing target. Smith played a great game and the Eagles whooped the Falcons. He gets a B+. 


Kyle Pitts – TE – Atlanta Falcons – 4th Pick 

Pitts didn’t necessarily have a good game but it wasn’t too terrible. He completed four out of five catches and went for only 31 yards. He could have had a way better game. I do believe that he will definitely improve in the future though. He will be a solid tight end. Kyle Pitts gets a C+ like Najee. 


Jaylen Waddle – WR – Miami Dolphins – 6th Pick 

Yet another college reunion between a wide receiver and quarterback. Waddle was targeted six times and caught four of those. He went on for 61 yards and a touchdown. He had a solid game and if he was targeted more, I think he would have been incredible. He is a top target for Tua. Jaylen gets a B from me.