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Ohio State Men’s Basketball Season Review

The 2022-23 season for The Ohio State University Men’s Basketball Team was one that many would say was a catastrophic failure. Many fans were calling for Chris Holtman, the head coach of the team, to be fired. I however, would like to focus on the light that came out of the season and what we can look forward to in the off season as well as the next season. The season started out hot with a  6-1 record in the month of  November, with our only loss being a 88-77 defeat at the hands of the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. December was a similar case, bringing hope to many fans with our only loss being a 5 point deficit to North Carolina, 89-84. We also got our first conference win this month with a 67-66 nail biter win against a well rounded Rutgers team at home. The coming stretch of January to March was filled with dynamics of disbelief and hopes of making a run in the Big 10 tournament as well as the NCAA Tournament.  One game i’d like to highlight in particular is our 71-69 loss to Purdue University, who now is a #1 seed in March Madness. Even though that game was a heartbreaking loss, it highlighted this teams best quality. Playing great with our backs against the wall, at this point in the season there were lots of questions about this very young Buckeyes team. Freshman sensation Brice Sensabaugh and freshman power house Bruce Thorton led the team this year in my opinion with their explosive playmaking ability and lights out shooting. We had only one senior on the team start, and well down the stretch of the season it was just him and 4 freshman starting. Justice Suing was a leader of the team this year, probably the biggest leader of the team being the seasoned vet. At the time of the start of the Big 10 tournoemnt, our NCAA hopes were on life support. We needed to win and win in a way that was flashy and eye cathing. Our play started with a great 65-57 win over the Badgers of Wisonsin in the first round, and after that we had a great 73-69 W agaisnt Iowa, which then followed with an electric win against MSU. Which then brought us, a 13 seed, to the semi final game, be it noted we were the lowest seed to ever make it to that point in B10 history. Our opposition, the Boilermakers of Purdue. The game was back and fourth until the end of the game, where the Boilermakers size and experience took over. A 80-66 Loss was the final. Overall, our team showed us what Buckeye Basketball could be, and should be, and will be. We have an example to look to. And im certain, that the 2023-24 season will be special. As always, GO BUCKS.