10 Bold Predictions for the 2020 NFL season

10. Brady will lead the Bucs to the playoffs

There are a lot of questions surrounding Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. "Will Tom be the same without Belichick?" "Can Brady make the Bucs a playoff team?" "What does the addition of Tom Brady mean for the NFC South and the playoffs?" My answer is Brady will lead the Bucs to the playoffs. Despite wide receiver Mike Evans often being hurt the Bucs have wide receivers Chris Godwin and Justin Wastson, running backs Ronald Jones III and Dare Ogunbowale, tight ends O.J Howard, Rob Gronkowski, Cameron Brate, and Jordan Leggett along with 1st round draft pick offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. It is safe to say with all that talent on the offense and a pretty decent defense and with a veteran leader, it is safe to say Brady will see another playoff game in January.

9. Joe Burrow will not win ROTY (Rookie of the Year)

Even though Burrow was the 1st overall pick this year, he is going to a team where he has little to no help on offense. I believe Burrow will change some things in Cincinnati but not enough to win ROTY. I think either Isaiah Simmons, Henry Ruggs, or Chase Young will win it. Isaiah Simmons because the Cardinals are starting to come around and that defense needed help and he just helped fill a big gap. Henry Ruggs because the Raiders need to open up Jacobs more and they needed another receiver to help out Renfrow and Tyrell Williams. Last but not least Chase Young, Young gives that defensive line for the Redskins a big push, with their offense coming along and their defensive backfield good enough, Chase Young is not a force to be reckoned with.

8. Derek Carr gets benched for Marcus Mariota

Last year Mariota was benched for Ryan Tannehill and we all know how that went. Does Mariota need a fresh start just like Tannehill? Derek Carr has not been close to elite even for one year, with a decent backup do the Raiders experiment with Mariota? Mariota gives the Raiders what Carr did not, a mobile QB. The last mobile QB the Raiders had was when Terrelle Pryor was QB and he went 99yrds on the opening drive against the Steelers. So don't be surprised if Carr gets benched.

7. Cleveland Browns make the playoffs

The hype for the Browns last year was a lot. The Browns are a team that looked good on paper but didn't show up. This year with a new coach and a new system can they make that step to the playoffs? They have the pieces to make somewhat of a playoff run, they need more from wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., running back Kareem Hunt and newly acquired tight end Austin Hooper. It's going to be a battle for second place in the AFC North between the Steelers and the Browns.

6. Bryce Love and Derrius Guice get hurt again

Derrius Guice and Bryce Love, drafted in back to back years and both got hurt their rookie year then Guice gets hurt this past season. The Redskins have had to use Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson over these past two years. If the Redskins can have these two or even just one healthy this season along with AP, their offense just got 6x better. Guice played a little bit in 2019 as he played 5 games and rushed for 245 yards with 2TDs as Love didn't even touch the field in his rookie season. Now, it is very unlikely either of them will tear or re-injure their ACLs again but Guice tore his back to back years so let's hope third time isn't the charm as he heads in to his third season.

5. Antonio Brown signs with a team

Ah yes, Antonio Brown, your classic case of CTE. As we all know Antonio was traded from Pittsburgh to the Raiders then cut then signed with the Patriots then cut after one game. The Seahawks and Ravens have shown interest in him as he has worked out with Lamar and his cousin Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. This is a classic situation of is the risk worth the reward, the risk being AB as a cancer in the locker room and the reward of his amazing skill and talent. He would be a big boost to both Lamar and Wilson's offense. His feet and hands combined with his speed is still ripe at the age of 31 and as long as he stays in shape, his skill will not deteriorate. If AB joins the Ravens then they are very strongly favored as Super Bowl winners, if the Seahawks grab AB then the Seahawks are all of the sudden in the conversation for a NFC Championship run.

4. Aaron Rodgers gets hurt and the Packers never look back

Aaron Rodgers does have a injury history with his collarbone and other injuries, and with him getting older and with a new QB in town, I can see the Packers going to Jordan Love if Rodgers gets hurt and never looking back because Rodgers costs a lot of money as for Love is on his rookie contract. The Ravens did this with Flacco and Lamar in Lamar's rookie year and look how that has turned out. The Steelers also did this back in '04 when Tommy Maddox went down and rookie Ben Roethlisberger took over and the Steelers never looked back. The Patriots also did this when Bledsoe went down and a small Michigan QB took over and now is a 6x Super Bowl champ. With all these examples of where the veteran starter goes down and the rookie takes over and shows his stuff, it won't be surprising if the Packers do the same thing or they could really follow the Favre path and trade Rodgers.

3. Arizona Cardinals make a deep playoff run

After a down then up season for the Cards, they might have the strength for a deep playoff run if the defense can lock in. With the addition of WR DeAndre Hopkins and selecting LB Isaiah Simmons 9th overall the Cards addressed two needs with very talented and athletic players at those two positions. Second year QB Kyler Murray came on mid to late season in his rookie year last year and so did their running game when they acquired Kenyan Drake from the Miami Dolphins. With a strong receiving core including Larry Fitzgerald, DeAndre Hopkins, Andy Isabella, Christian Kirk and second year receiver Hakeem Butler along with tight end Maxx Williams. The running game will be exciting to watch this year with the Kenyan Drake and Chase Edmonds duo. A decent O-line and a sturdy defense, the cardinals, when in a rhythm, will be very dangerous.

2. J.J Watt stays healthy all 16 games

One of the best players on and off the field, when healthy. JJ Watt's career has been plagued with injuries from small injuries like bruised bones to broken legs and torn muscles. It's been a long time since he has played all 16 games so it's a very bold prediction that he will be healthy. If JJ is healthy all 16 games the Texans will have a great chance to make the playoffs in 2020. Only two years left on his contract and Watt most likely will not remain in Houston due to the coaching of Bill O'Brien.

1. Colin Kaepernick gets signed

Before you all come at me saying he will not get signed let me say I agree with you, but I also don't. Since the NFL players including Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson said that he will be kneeling during the National Anthem and with teams needing reliable back ups, it is looking more likely Kap will have a chance to get signed as long as he is willing to take a team friendly deal, he wants a lot of money but teams don't think it's worth all the media attention. There is a reason this is number one on my bold predictions list because its a long shot but it could happen. With the only other proven QB in free agency being former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, and there are more than 1 team that needs. approves and reliable back up, Kaepernick could make a return to the NFL for the 2020 season.

If you have any questions or advice that would improve my writing feel free to leave a comment. Also the Cardinals and the Packers should be switched number wise so imagine that the Rodgers and Love prediction is #3 and the Cards deep playoff run are #4.

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