2020 Fantasy Football Sleepers, Breakouts, and Busts (Quarterbacks and Running Backs)


Sleepers - Out of the 6 people polled for this article, 4 quarterbacks came up as sleepers. The first one was Josh Allen, who has been a very underrated fantasy quarterback over his 2 years in the NFL. He has averaged over 17 fantasy points per game both season of his career without a true WR1 and Buffalo just went out and got him one. Stefon Diggs is going to come in and take that WR1 role the Bills have desperately lacked. Matthew Stafford also came up as a sleeper as he was averaging 20.8 fantasy points per game before an injury sidelined him for the season. An improved offensive line, running game, and T.J. Hockenson could vault him into the top 5. Sam Darnold also came up as a sleeper as he was the QB14 in points per game over his last 8 games. Darnold is more of a deep sleeper who would be the perfect backup quarterback in deep leagues. The last sleeper that came up was Deshaun Watson. Watson isn't that big of a sleeper as he is going as the QB6 in drafts. He has been knocked a bit for the loss of DeAndre Hopkins but the talent is still definitely there.

Final Vote: Josh Allen 2, Matthew Stafford 2, Sam Darnold 1, Deshaun Watson 1

Breakouts - Not only did Matthew Stafford appear as a sleeper, but he also appeared as a breakout. This would make sense as he was on pace for his best season ever in 2019, averaging over 20 points per game. Kyler Murray has been tagged as the player in the 2019 draft class that will be the first to leap into stardom and now he has DeAndre Hopkins to throw to. Baker Mayfield has to have a breakout season sometime, right? Now, he has Kareem Hunt for a whole season and emerging tight end Austin Hooper. Mayfield will have to improve his decision making if he wants to leap into stardom. Drew Lock has a plethora of weapons around him and led the Broncos to a 4-1 record in 5 starts. He is an underrated candidate to make a huge leap in his second year and it will be interesting to watch him play for a whole season.

Final Vote: Matthew Stafford 2, Kyler Murray 2, Baker Mayfield 1, Drew Lock 1

Busts - Kyler Murray is at both ends of the spectrum on this list. He was terrible at the end of the season in 2019 and had a stretch from Weeks 11-16 where he never passed for more than 220 yards. Josh Allen also received a vote due to his problems with accuracy. He likely won't run for as many touchdowns with Zack Moss there and he will have to rely on his arm more for fantasy points. Gardner Minshew is on this list because the Jaguars will likely be at the bottom of the NFL and touchdowns will be hard to come by. They will be especially hard to come by without Leonard Fournette, who they cut. Baker Mayfield is someone that has received so much hype throughout the last two years and hasn't lived up to it. He needs to be able to throw fewer interceptions if he wants to shed the "bust" designation. Daniel Jones is very similar to Baker Mayfield as they are both walking turnovers. Danny Dimes will have to be better at throwing dimes if he wants to have an improved 2020 season.

Final Vote: Kyler Murray 2, Josh Allen 1, Gardner Minshew 1, Baker Mayfield 1, Daniel Jones 1

Running backs:

Sleepers - David Johnson is being criminally underrated in fantasy. There is no reason why the Texans will not use him if they traded DeAndre Hopkins for him. He scored 19.9 fantasy points in Week 1 and will look to build on that throughout the season. James Conner is very similar to David Johnson as he is also being very underrated. He has not finished a season in his career, so we will have to watch out for that, but coach Mike Tomlin has already said he was going to be the bell cow. Kareem Hunt is going in the 5th round, and that confuses me a bit because of his receiving upside. Not to mention, if Nick Chubb gets injured he would likely be a top 5 running back. Todd Gurley is designated as a sleeper because even though he has arthritis in his knee, the Falcons are Super Bowl or bust this season. They will likely run Gurley into the ground as no one behind him is proven and should be getting carries. Antonio Gibson is presumed to be the main guy in Washington and has been compared to Christian McCaffrey. While he's not Christian McCaffrey he should have a high floor due to his receiving upside.

Final vote: David Johnson 2, James Conner 1, Kareem Hunt 1, Todd Gurley 1 Antonio Gibson 1

Breakouts - Clyde Edwards-Helaire has already shown his potential in Week 1 against the Texans. He ran the ball 25 times for 138 yards and a touchdown, making defenders look silly in the process. Josh Jacobs was banged up for the second half of his rookie season and coach Jon Gruden has already stated he wants to be used more in the receiving game. There is hope for him as Lynn Bowden was traded to the Dolphins, who likely would've taken some third-down snaps. David Montgomery had an up and down rookie season in 2019 but should receive more work in 2020. He has been working on his speed this offseason and Matt Nagy knows he is coaching for his job and he can't let Tarik Cohen run the ball on third and short.

Final vote: Clyde Edwards-Helaire 3, Josh Jacobs 2, David Montgomery 1

Busts - Nick Chubb is going in the late first to the early second round of drafts, which is way too high for him. Kareem Hunt outscored him in 6 out of the 8 games they played together. Because of this, Chubb is one of the top consensus busts in 2020 as he won't receive enough touches to be an RB1. Le'Veon Bell plays for the worst coach in the NFL. Adam Gase has already said that he loves Frank Gore and will give him a decent portion of the carries. Bell averaged 3.2 yards per carry in 2019 and the Jets likely won't be in many rushing situations as they get down early in games. Kenyan Drake, like Nick Chubb, is being drafted a bit too high. He has only had 3 good games in his whole career and has been very quiet otherwise. He has already been seen in a walking boot and Chase Edmonds will likely take some work from him.

Final vote: Nick Chubb 3, Le'Veon Bell 2, Kenyan Drake 1

Do you have a sleeper, breakout, or bust that wasn't on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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