2020 Fantasy Football Sleepers, Breakouts, and Busts (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)

Wide receivers:

Sleepers - Devante Parker had a fantastic end to the 2019 season as he averaged 19.3 fantasy points per game over his last 8 games. He is an excellent deep ball threat, who should not be slept on heading into 2020. Marquise Brown is one of the most explosive players in the NFL. He showed flashes in 2019, but never really established himself. Over the offseason, we learned that he played the entire year with a pin in his foot and should be better as Lamar passes more. JuJu Smith-Schuster was banged up alongside Ben Roethlisberger in 2019. Both are 100% and should JuJu should be a beneficiary of that. Allen Lazard is the presumed WR2 in Green Bay and is going way too late with that designation. He had a couple of good games where he flashed potential in 2019. The 49ers love Brandon Aiyuk and he could emerge this year as a lot of their receivers get injured. We will see what happens in Week 1 against the Cardinals. Cooper Kupp just got signed to an extension as I am writing this and he had the quietest WR4 season in recent memory. He finished with 270.5 fantasy points and scored 10 touchdowns in 2019.

Final vote: Devante Parker 1, Marquise Brown 1, JuJu Smith-Schuster 1, Allen Lazard 1, Brandon Aiyuk 1, Cooper Kupp 1

Breakouts - Kenny Golladay was fantastic during the second half of the season in 2019. All of that was without Matthew Stafford. With Stafford there, the sky is the limit for Golladay. Terry McLaurin could be in line for a lot of targets in Washington. He already has a rapport with Haskins and he has to throw the football to someone. Marquise Brown is expected by many to make a huge year 2 leap. With the pin not in his foot anymore, the speedster should be a lot better in 2020. DK Metcalf is a freak athlete and should take the role of WR1 in Seattle this year. His biggest knock was his route running, which should be improved in 2020. A.J. Brown was fantastic at the end of the season in 2020 and emerged as Ryan Tannehill's favorite target. If he gets more volume, watch out in 2020.

Final vote: Kenny Golladay 2, Terry McLaurin 1, Marquise Brown 1, DK Metcalf 1, A.J. Brown 1

Busts: There is no way DeAndre Hopkins gets 150 targets in Arizona. Both Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk are back, who both had over 100 targets in 2019. Odell Beckham seems to be overrated in the rankings every year. This is the first year he isn't going in the first round but will need Baker Mayfield to step it up if he wants to return to the top receiver in fantasy. There are a lot of mouths to feed in the Denver offense and Courtland Sutton will struggle to match his target count from 2020. Melvin Gordon, Jerry Jeudy, and Noah Fant will likely take targets from Sutton that he would've had in 2019. JuJu Smith-Schuster has struggled when he gets double covered. If he wants to prove himself as a WR1, he will have to learn how to beat double coverage.

Final vote: DeAndre Hopkins 2, Odell Beckham 2, Courtland Sutton 1, JuJu Smith-Schuster 1

Tight ends:

Sleepers - Tyler Higbee was fantastic at the end of 2019. He had 8 or more targets in his final 5 games and is somehow only going in the 8th round as the TE9. When Kevin Stefanski was in Minnesota, Kyle Rudolph averaged around 150 points per year. Austin Hooper is a better tight end than Kyle Rudolph and should get a lot of red-zone looks from Baker Mayfield. Noah Fant could be the second coming of George Kittle. They are two very similar tight ends in the way that they are always a threat to take a 3-yard pass and turn it into a 75-yard touchdown.

Final vote: Tyler Higbee 3, Austin Hooper 1, Noah Fant 1

Breakouts - Tyler Higbee has first shown up as a sleeper, and now a breakout. He blossomed when the Rams moved to 12 personnel and it looks like it is going to stay that way in 2020. Mike Gesicki had 6 or more targets in every game from Weeks 9-17, and that is very promising after a disappointing rookie season. Evan Engram is amazing when he plays, but he has not been able to stay healthy. He was targeted 6 or more times in 7 of the 8 games he played in 2019, and that will likely continue into 2020. Hayden Hurst has disappointed as he has been stuck behind Mark Andrews in Baltimore. He finally has his chance to shine and has the chance to be a top tight end.

Final vote: Tyler Higbee 2, Mike Gesicki 1, Evan Engram 1, Austin Hooper 1, Hayden Hurst 1

Busts - Evan Engram has been amazing when he plays, but that's the problem. He has only played 34 out of the 48 possible regular-season games and is going in the 7th round, which is a bit high. Zach Ertz has surrendered more targets to Dallas Goedert each year Goedert has been in the league. Ertz has not seemed happy with the Eagles' organization and he could be on the way out pretty soon. The Cleveland Browns haven't used the tight end position very much and Hooper could be the latest tight end to bust in Cleveland. We'll see if he can get enough targets with Kareem Hunt, Odell Beckham, and Jarvis Landry there as well. Mark Andrews had a fantastic season in 2019 but didn't play a lot of the snaps. He was very efficient with not a lot of targets. If he doesn't see the field more, he should be a bust candidate for 2020.

Final vote: Evan Engram 2, Zach Ertz 1, Austin Hooper 1, Mark Andrews 1

Do you have a sleeper, breakout, or bust that wasn't on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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