2020 NFL Preseason Power Rankings Plus One Question Each NFL Fan Base is Asking Themselves

In today’s article I’m going to be highlighting my 2020 NFL Preseason Power Rankings with one question that every NFL fan base is asking themselves in 2020.

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32. Jacksonville Jaguars: Can Minshew stop the Jaguars from tanking?

31. The Washington Football Team: Is Jack Del Rio going to fix our defense?

30. New York Jets: When does Adam Gase get fired?

29. New York Giants: Can Saquon carry us to the playoffs?

28. Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow is going to win OROY; I mean, who else would?

27. Carolina Panthers: What’s life going to be like without Cam?

26. Miami Dolphins: Is Tua the next Marino?

25. Detroit Lions: Will Okudah and Trufant fill the shoes of Darius Slay?

24. Atlanta Falcons: Can Todd Gurley rush for 1,000 yards and stay healthy?

23. Cleveland Browns: With all the weapons on offense, how long will it take for Baker to wake up?

22. Los Angeles Rams: Can Sean McVay make our offense elite without Brandin Cooks and Todd Gurley?

21. Las Vegas Raiders: Is Ruggs the new Tyreek Hill?

20. Minnesota Vikings: Does Yannick Ngakoue make our defense elite?

19. Los Angeles Chargers: Is Joey Bosa going to live up to his big payday?

18. Arizona Cardinals: With DeAndre Hopkins this is a top ten offense. Right?

17. Denver Broncos: Why is everyone overrating us heading into 2020?

16. Tennessee Titans: Can we get away with Ryan Tannehill throwing for 88 yards and 2 touchdowns in a game?

15. Houston Texans: Can Deshaun Watson do his best Russell Wilson impersonation and single handedly take us to the playoffs?

14. Chicago Bears: Can we get better quarterback play?

13. Indianapolis Colts: Does Phillip Rivers still have it at 38?

12. New England Patriots: Are we making the Super Bowl with Cam?

11. Philadelphia Eagles: Now that we have some wide receivers, we’re guaranteed to make the playoffs. Right?

10. Buffalo Bills: Is Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen the best quarterback wide receiver duo in the division?

9. Pittsburgh Steelers: Can Big Ben salvage our offense and revitalize JuJu’s production?

8. Dallas Cowboys: How is our defense going to survive without Robert Quinn and Byron Jones?

7. Green Bay Packers: What’s happening with the whole Aaron Rodgers & Jordan Love situation?

6. Tampa Bay Bucs: Are we going to be the first team to play at home in the Super Bowl?

5. San Francisco 49ers: Are Brandon Aiyuk and Javon Kinlaw instant impact players?

4. Seattle Seahawks: Why is everyone ignoring how bad our defensive line is?

3. Baltimore Ravens: Does adding Calais Campbell mean Wink Martindale doesn’t have to blitz 50% of the time?

2. New Orleans Saints: Does Emmanuel Sanders stop us from choking in the playoffs?

1. Kansas City Chiefs: Do we have any cap space left?

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