Welcome to the first installment of my NFL positional rankings where I will be ranking every position group for every NFL team. The groups to be ranked are as follows: QB, WR, TE, RB, OL, DL, LB, CB, S. I will also be recapping by ranking the best passing teams, rushing teams, front 7 and secondary, along with final offense defense, and overall rankings.

To kick off, I will be taking a look at the most important position in sports, the quarterback. These rankings are accompanied by ratings which are determined by analyzing the QB's talent, skill, production, consistency and potential. The player with the most potential wins in a tiebreaker.

1. Patrick Mahomes, KC, 99 rating

There's no doubting who the league's best QB is. In two seasons of starting, Mahomes has two championship appearances, a Superbowl victory as well as a SB and league MVP. Throwing for over 300 yards a game and a 66 comp%, Mahomes in the last two years has lead the league in touchdown passes despite missing two games due to injury last season. It's difficult to think of a weakness for the young QB.

2. Russell Wilson, SEA, 98 rating

Somehow, Russell Wilson always finds a way to win. He is single handedly the reason the Seahawks make the playoffs every year. Wilson takes care of the ball, is very accurate through the air, and wrecks teams on the ground. His ability to extend the play is unmatched except maybe by the man in 1st place. Wilson is really an all around complete QB whose clutch and leadership abilities propel him to top 2.

3. Aaron Rodgers, GB, 94 rating

One of the more difficult players to rank, Rodgers shows game in and game out that he is still one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history. Despite a slight drop in numbers, Rodgers has been just as good as he has his whole career. He has at times struggled facing the blitz or finding open receivers, but he is easily still one of the more consistent players in the league.

4. Drew Brees, NO, 93 rating

It is very difficult to find a QB more accurate than Drew Brees. He has led the league in completion percentage countless times and still owns the single season record. Recently, he’s been asked to do a lot less in an offense built around using multiple different players. This along with his increasing age (he’ll be 42 in January), are the main reasons Brees is not higher on this list.

5. Lamar Jackson, BAL, 92 rating

Coming off an MVP season, Lamar Jackson is about as unique a QB you can have. In just one full season, he has made a name for himself as one of the best running QBs of all time. He carried the Ravens to a 14-2 record, blowing out not only the bad teams, but many good ones as well. However, Lamar Jackson last season impressed through the air, leading the league in touchdown passes with a very respectable completion percentage. A new era really is beginning, and Lamar Jackson is leading the way.

6. Carson Wentz, PHI, 91 rating

In the last couple seasons, Carson Wentz has been one of the best statistical QBs in the NFL. Taking into account his supporting cast, headlined by injuries and dropped passes. However, Wentz has his share of injury issues as well, as he has yet to start a full playoff game despite getting his team in the playoffs three straight seasons. The football world has seen what Wentz is capable of in his monster, MVP worthy 2017 season, the question becomes can he stay healthy to help coach Doug Pederson turn this Eagles team into a dynasty.

7. Matthew Stafford, DET, 91 rating

Widely regarded as the league’s most underrated player, Stafford has probably made his way back up to rated. Either way, Stafford has made a case for himself as one of the league elite passers. With a powerful arm and good accuracy, Stafford has put up some of the best numbers of any QB in the league. Last season, before he went down with an injury, Stafford was on pace for 4998 yards passing (would have been 1st), 38 TD passes (1st) with a 106 passer rating.

8. Deshaun Watson, HOU, 89 rating

Another player the Bears didn’t take, Watson has quickly established himself as a dynamic playmaker. Watson can make plays in moments very few QBs could. He occasionally struggles with his accuracy, but with an easily top 5 running ability, Watson is as or more talented than all the players in front of him.

9. Matt Ryan, ATL, 89 rating

Matty Ice was a no-brainer top 10 QB. Last season, Ryan struggled behind a below average offensive line and one of the league’s worst running games. However, he;s shown us in years past he has the potential for an MVP type season at any point (see his 2018 season: 69.4 comp%, 4924 yards, 35 TD, 7 INT). He’s a proven winner with excellent accuracy. He does lack the arm strength many QBs have, but he makes up for it as one of the best pure pocket passers in the league.

10. Kirk Cousins, MIN, 87 rating

Many consider Kirk Cousins as a waste of money, or a bad fit for the organization. But, in my opinion, he’s one of the league’s premier passers. In two seasons with the Vikings, he’s maintained nearly a 70 comp%, thrown for 7900 yards with 56 TD compared to only 16 INT. Cousins isn’t going to light anyone up, and he has been known to struggle in prime time games, but Cousins takes care of the football, makes smart decisions, and can air it out when needed.

11. Tom Brady, TB, 87 rating

The 6 time Super Bowl champion has changed uniforms. Brady’s time with the Patriots has come to an end as it is now time to start a new era which I know he’s excited for. Overrated as usual, Brady actually enjoyed a decent season last year, as it was his lack of options on offense which were responsible for his underwhelming stats. Brady still managed over 4000 yards with a 3-1 TD-INT ratio. Though he didn’t take as many deep shots as usual, Tom proved he’s better than many gave him credit for.

12. Dak Prescott, DAL, 86 rating

Statistically, Prescott has been a top 10 quarterback the last two years, throwing for almost 9000 yards and 52 touchdown passes to 19 picks. The reason he’s behind players ranked 6-11 is because Prescott has benefited from an incredibly talented supporting cast. A top 3 running back, top 5 receiving corps and consistently top 10 offensive line have been at his disposal and he has still struggled to win games. Last season, despite having the best offense in terms of yardage, the Cowboys failed to win multiple big games including a 12-10 loss to New Orleans, 17-9 loss to the eagles, and a 13-9 loss to the Patriots.

13. Derek Carr, LV, 85 rating

One of the more underrated QBs in the NFL, Derek Carr has played some really good football since he came into the league. He very quietly had one of the NFL’s all time best completion percentages while still throwing for 4054 yards. Carr limits the interceptions but has struggled to put up points since his spectacular 2016 campaign. It appears Carr has become much more conservative compared to his gunslinger days, he might need to return to his old form to get the Raiders back into the playoffs.

14. Ryan Tannehill, TEN, 85 rating

Coming off a superb 2019 season, Tannehill hopes to even come close to mirroring the production of the offense this year. After losing his starting tackle and the inevitable regressing of the bell cow back Derrick Henry. Leading the league in passer rating definitely bodes well for the former Dolphin, but he’ll have to prove he didn’t just benefit from a talented offense around him. You could make an argument for Tannehill being top 10 but also outside top 20; I like him a bit in between.

15. Jared Goff, LAR, 85 rating

Goff could be the hardest QB to rank for me. We all know what he’s capable of: one of the league’s best pocket passers with deadly accuracy and the ability to air it out. However. We saw a complete collapse from Goff and the Rams’ offense last season. Throwing 16 picks to just 22 TD is near the bottom of the league. But there is more to the story. At the end of the season, Pro Football Focus had the Rams’ offensive line ranked second-to-last ahead of only the Dolphins. According to PFF, the banged up offensive line allowed almost twice the pressures as it did the season before, forcing Goff to throw the ball away at one of the highest rates in the NFL. This typically leads to worse stats including a lot of interceptions and a lower completion percentage. Goff has been a top 10 QB previously (number 8 on my last years’ rankings), and with the right opportunity, can easily get the Rams playing in January again.

16. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT, 85 rating

It was difficult for me to put the first ballot hall of famer Big Ben below less proven players like Jared Goff and Ryan Tannehill. However, coming off an injury sending him out for the entire season, a year after he considered retiring, makes it very difficult for me to call him any higher than average for now. A great offensive line and solid supporting cast should benefit Big Ben, who we know will throw the ball deep. The issue arrives with the ability to limit turnovers, as well as stay healthy.

17. Kyler Murray, ARI, 83 rating

Rookie of the year. Whether the award was thanks to the modern-day quarterback bias or not, Kyler Murray has the chance to be special. The sneaky quick (short) quarterback has a lot of talent in the run game, but boasts an extremely underrated passing game. Murray statistically was one of the better deep passers in the league last season. With a strong arm, quick release and fast legs, Murray is a few essential mechanics away from top 10 at the position.

18. Philip Rivers, IND, 83 rating

Rivers had a career-worse season in 2019. But, similar to Goff, Rivers offensive line did not do him any favours for most of the season. They dealt with injuries and simple lack of production which hurt River’s numbers. However, Rivers is no longer in LA. He is now behind the league’s best offensive line. He’ll have major expectations on a team that has a good shot to go really far this season. I did say the tiebreaker was potential. And though I do think Allen has tons of potential, I personally believe Rivers has a chance to have his career best season, which says a lot looking at his past season highs.

19. Josh Allen, BUF, 83 rating

Josh Allen, with a surprise appearance on the NFL top 100, has all the talent in the world. He has a massive arm, and he’s impossible to tackle. Physically, he’s a stronger, faster Carson Wentz, but he lacks the accuracy and decision making. Allen has a chance to clean that up, as both are teachable, and despite being a fan, I can’t put him any higher than 19 until he proves himself.

20. Jimmy Garoppolo, SF, 82 rating

If you watch Jimmy Garoppolo play, you can tell he has talent. But, unlike guys like Cousins, Carr and Tannehill, I don’t think Jimmy G has the ability to win games on his own. He is excellent as a game manager but struggles too much with his deep passing. His underwhelming 39-21 TD-INT (13-7 AVG) ratio is simply not on par with the rest of quarterbacks around this position.

21. Gardner Minshew, JAX, 81 rating

Minshew completely changed the scene of the league last year with the overtime victory in London. However, he could not follow up Minshew Mania no matter how awesome his moustache looked. I still believe he has a lot of potential as he showed a lot last season. He has solid decision making and is very accurate throwing the football. A low completion percentage was not surprising considering how horrible the rest of the Jaguars’ offense was, and a 21-6 TD-INT (7-2 AVG) ratio is among the better marks in the league.

22. Drew Lock, DEN, 81 rating

Lock was fun to watch in the 5 games he played in last season, and he has had a lot of hype from the community going into the 2020 regular season. I do believe Lock has the potential to be a top 10 QB even as early as this season. He simply had a very small sample size last year which made it impossible to put him over Minshew. I am, along with many others, a huge fan of Lock and he’ll have a great chance to prove himself with what is one the league’s youngest offenses.

23. Teddy Bridgewater, CAR, 80 rating

Bridgewater, more than Garoppolo, will not go off and win a game on his own. However, he can manage the game effectively and efficiently. He makes good decisions throwing the ball and understands when to scramble and when to throw it away. He went 5-0 with the best roster in the NFL, so it’ll be interesting to see how he handles one of the worst.

24. Cam Newton, NE, 80 rating

This may seem criminally low for Newton, who looks like he should be healthy for the first time in awhile. Well, I got a lot of hate last year, putting him at 18, for the same reasons. I don’t think Cam is healthy, and though I think he will definitely have his highs, I believe he will struggle more than succeed. I easily could be wrong though, maybe he’ll go off. But I have a prediction for whatever reason, Stidham will be starting before the Patriots’ bye in week 7. Don’t forget, Bridgewater was signed by Carolina for more than what Cam got paid in New England.

25. Daniel Jones, NYG, 79 rating

Jones, similar to Minshew, had a great debut last season, looking like the pick was right after all. However, Jones struggled big time down the stretch with turnovers and missed passes. I think this season, if the offensive line can improve, Jones can establish himself as the best QB from the draft class, besides Murray, likely.

26. Baker Mayfield, CLE, 79 rating

Mayfield, who had an incredible rookie season, was the most disappointing QB in the league last season. Finishing second in interceptions and struggling weak in and weak out with accuracy, frustration and leadership, Baker does not have the excuse the other guys have as he was gifted with a top 10 running game, receiving core and an average to below average offensive line. The reason he is not any lower is because he has proven already that he has the talent in him to succeed, he just needs to put it all together.

27. Joe Burrow, CIN, 78 rating

Joe Burrow, coming off one of the best seasons in college history, has it off much better than the average number 1 overall pick. Cincinnati boasts a quality running back with a talented receiving core. The offensive line isn’t great, but they are young and improving. Burrow has the arm talent to be one of the next best passers and the run game to keep defenses guessing. It may be difficult with no preseason and less practice time for Burrow to succeed right away.

28. Sam Darnold, NYJ, 78 rating

Darnold is another tough one to rank. There is a reason he was drafted so high, as he does have the talent to be a franchise QB, but last year was just a horrible year for him. To be fair, he had a below average offensive line and one of the worst running games, but his receivers did surprisingly well with the opportunities they got. In both of the last two seasons, Darnold has put up under 62 comp%, with an awful 36-28 TD-INT (9-7 AVG) ratio in 26 games.

29. Ryan Fitzpatrick, MIA, 78 rating

Ryan Fitzpatrick is still making it on these lists. I figured, due to the quarantine and cancellation of preseason, it was probably safe to assume Fitzpatrick the starter over rookie Tua Tagovailoa. Pickspatrick, or Fitzmagic, depending on the weak is going to give you exactly that: either a great performance or an awful one. You can’t expect him to be your full time starter but you can trust him to win you a few games. Expect Tua in by midseason.

30. Dwayne Haskins, WSH, 77 rating

Haskins has been given maybe the worst situation of any QB in the entire NFL. An inexperienced offensive line, a bottom 5 receiving core and a completely unproven player and a 35 year old battling for running back reps. Throw this on top of the complete overhaul of the Washington football organization, and Haskins is set up to fail. He has the talent though, he really does, I just can’t see him cleaning up his obvious passing flaws in time to save his starting job.

31. Nick Foles, CHI, 77 rating

Let’s get something straight. That 2017 Eagle’s team was AMAZING. In the first two playoff games, that stacked defense carried Philly to the Super Bowl. I’ll admit it, Foles was absolutely absurd in SB 52, and I can’t blame anyone for signing Foles, but he just isn’t that good. He could be the most inconsistent starter in the NFL, and, in my opinion, cannot win football games with bad teams. However, I think the Bears are a better all around squad than the Jaguars so we will see if Foles can make it work. I’d expect Trubisky to start at least 6 games in 2020.

32. Tyrod Taylor, LAC, 75 rating

There really isn’t any way around having the Chargers rank dead last at QB. Whether it’s Taylor (more likely, see Miami’s description), or Herbert, the Chargers offense is well good enough to make the QB look good. Unfortunately, the Chargers do not have the talent at QB at least until Herbert can establish himself as a starter.

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