2nd Round Matchups, Preview Predictions

With almost all the 2nd round matchups set and some of them underway, I’m going to go through all of them and giving my prediction!

Western Conference

Lakers(1) vs Rockets(4) or Thunder(5)

First of all between the Rockets and Thunder I got the Rockets winking today. The Rockets in my opinion are to overpowered for the Thunder. The Game 7 will be interesting but if Russ can be at least average the Rockets will win. So this makes the matchup Lakers(1) vs Rockets(4). This will be an interesting matchup. The Lakers have no guard defenders to handle Harden and Russ, but on the other hand the Rockets have no one to guard Lebron and AD. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers run a jumbo lineup with Lebron at PG, Danny Green at SG, AD at SF, Dwight at PF and Javale at C. The Rockets simply would not be able to do anything against that lineup. The Rockets are great but the Lakers are flat out better.

Prediction: Lakers in 6

Clippers(2) vs Nuggets(3) or Jazz(6)

First I’ve got the Jazz blowing a 3-1 lead. The Nuggets have so much momentum and Jamal Murray has been playing like an MVP, there is simply nothing the Jazz can do. So I got the Clippers(2) vs Nuggets(3) in the 2nd Round. The Nuggets are gonna have lots of energy with Jamal Murray averaging a shocking 34 ppg in the first round and can do even more damage since his gf coming in the bubble 😏😏(iykyk) lol. But the clippers are simply to much. Playoff Kawhi has been averaging 33 ppg and has been very consistent dropping 30 every game except game 1 where he had 29. If Paul George can play average at least, the Nuggets won’t be able to win this series. But Paul George hasn’t been great having only one 30+ point game averaging 18.5 ppg on very inefficient shooting. Even if Paul George continues this cold stretch, it will just extend the series as the Clippers are just to talented.

Prediction: Clippers in 5

Eastern Conference

Bucks(1) vs Heat(4)

Heat Lead 1-0

With the Heat and bucks coming out strongly from their first round matchups this will be a hell of a series. The Heat defense has been amazing at guarding Giannis. He dropped only 18 in Game 1. The defense has been forcing the bucks players to score, which they have with Middleton and Brook Lopez drop 25+ points. On the other side, Jimmy buckets will be dropping buckets (hence his nickname) and he proves he will drop 40 in game 1 shooting 13/20 and 2/2 from 3. The heat will have shooters like Robinson, Nunn, Herro and even Dragic to provide shooting. While Robinson was a non factor in Game 1, but Dragic had 27 points 6 rebounds 5 assists shooting 60% from the field. Herro also had some clutch 3s in the end but honestly wasnt that great shooting 3/11. The Heat showed they can stop Giannis and provide offense. I got the Heat in this series.

Prediction: Heat in 7

Raptors(2) vs Celtics(3)

Celtics lead series 1-0

The Celtics already have an upperhand on the Raptors winning Game 1. BUT the Raptors are known for Game 1 struggles, I believe the Raptors have amazing defensive matchups vs the Celtics that they haven’t been doing like Og on Tatum. Also on Offense Siakam hasn’t been amazing. That’s an under exaggeration. He’s been flat out horrible. I believe siakam will come back strong but if that dosent happen the Raptors are in trouble. What happened in that Game 1 won’t happ that often. The Raptors offense went dead and couldn’t buy a 3. The Raptors will come back stronger for game 2 today.

Prediction: Raptors in 7

What are your thoughts on my predictions? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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