3 Steps the Saints need to do to win the playoffs.

It's been a bad 3 years for Saints fans. Many times have they come close to bringing 1 more ring for Drew Brees before his retirement, but failed them all. This year may be the last year for him to win it all, so what should the Saints do?

STEP 1: Test Jameis Winston Putting in Winston on a few plays every once in a while will show how he plays with his new teammates. If he can decrease the amount of times he throws interceptions, it will then show how good of a QB he is when not throwing 3 picks per game. It can also help build more chemistry with him and his teammates on the offense. The Saints can most likely start Winston for the full 60 minutes in week 17 against the Carolina Panthers, since their season record have locked them into the playoffs. It also gives the Saints and their fans a preview of what it will be like without Drew Brees.

STEP 2: Start Jameis for playoff games and practice passing to the left Most of Jameis Winston's 30 Interceptions from last year are short to mid range. Practicing passing in this range will definitely help Winston throw less INTs. He also needs to practice passing to the left side of the field. Based on Next Gen Stats, his passer rating when passing anywhere from short to long range on the left side of the field is 71.3, while the average rating is 82.3. Winston, still, is a great passer and has the best group of receivers to pass to. Putting in Winston for the playoff games will prepare Drew Brees for a superbowl if the team can push through. If the defense can hold up whoever the Saints play, if Winston can throw some passes in the endzone, and If Sean Payton makes the right calls at the right time, the Saints are guaranteed to push themselves into Super Bowl 55.

Step 3: Prepare Aggressive catching and Secondary

The teams most likely contending in the Super Bowl are the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. Both teams have at least a top 10 defense, maybe top 5. Brees must be very aware, thanks to the addition of Calais Campbell to the Ravens, and the Saints receivers must catch the ball with dear life, facing off Tyrann Mathieu and others well above average on the Chiefs. Both QBS Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes are mobile, and both with solid Runningbacks. The Saints defensive line and linebackers have to be prepared for any surprises that come, and the secondary have to turn it to a higher level if they are going to stop Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes from throwing deep down the field and to contest speedy WR Tyreek Hill. If both offense and defense give it their best, Super Bowl LV will be one to remember.

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