3 Undrafted Players Who The Habs Should Look At

There are many undrafted players from the 2020 NHL draft. Honestly some were very surprising. However the draft doesn't completely matter as the likes of Artemiy Panarin and Wayne Gretzky were undrafted. Obviously 87.3% of the players in the NHL were drafted but there is a good window to still be in the NHL undrafted.

Here I found a Pie chart and obviously it can be misleading in a way but 12.7% of NHLers went undrafted.

I think in this draft there were many undrafted players who surprised me and I hope that the habs take 1 or 2 of these guys next year.

  1. Kyle Crnkovic

Kyle Crnkovic is a very good player. He is fast he obviously needs to work on his stride but because of his speed he can make plays by himself. Crnkovic is also very deceptive and has exceptional puck skills and he can deke out tendys and goalies with ease and with his great shot it is hard to contain someone like him. He has such great playmaking abilities too. He has great vision and can make high danger plays.

The concern is his lack of size. He is 5'7 and 161 lbs. However he does do good with contact as he is strong enough to fight off checks and defenders for long enough to make plays and keep possession of the puck. He is also great defensively as he can use his stick well, he can anticipate plays, and he can cover the zone well. He is very effective on the PK. He has such a good all around game and his lack of size clearly scared away teams but personally I think he is way too good to pass up on.

2. Brett Brochu

Brett Brochu is a great goalie. He is small but he moves exceptionally well in the crease and is super athletic. His read and react ability is the thing that really fuels his game. Obviously he was in the shadows of the great Knights team in front of him but he is a very underrated and exceptional talent.

He does everything exceptionally he even stole the starting job from NHL goaltending prospect Jordan Kooy. This shows that he is super hard working and has exceptional talent especially for a 17 year old. I think the thing that scares away the NHL teams is the fact that he is small (5'11 161 lbs) yes size for tendys really matters but I believe that Brochu has the skills needed to be sucessful in the NHL and I hope that the habs find a way to get this guy if they can't get their hands on any other goalie in the draft. However the 2021 NHL draft is stacked in net with Wallstedt, Cossa, Lennox, and Gaudreau so I can't say he will be drafted next year.

3. Theo Rochette

Theo Rochette is a very good player. His skating is good, he has a great defensive game, and has great hands. I find it very surprising that he went undrafted. his skating is good but needs to be a bit faster. He is also a great playmaker who has great hands and can read to play well to make great passes. He is also a great defensive player and in the offensive zone is the 3rd guy high so then he can be the 1st guy back in the d zone he also back checks efficiently by angling people off and using his stick well he can also take passing lanes away. He is also exceptional in the faceoff dot.

Rochette plays a very responsible mature 2 way game and that is why he is good however, there are concerns and weaknesses. He is undersized and lanky so he will need to bulk up so then he can fight off checks. He also needs a better shot. The concern I have is just that his offensive production, he actually regressed in production and was invisible in the Hlinka Gretzky Cup. However I think that as long as he bulks up and continues to develop he can be a 2nd line forward or someone that can play on a shutdown line.

It surprises me that these 3 players went undrafted this year. They are all very good in their own right and have a lot of potential. I hope that the habs acquire them in some way if that is the draft or another way. I think that whoever gets their hands on these 3 undrafted prospects will be very lucky and will have a stud on their hands.

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