4 NFL Trades That Need To Happen

One part of sports that I love are trades. Trades swap players and draft picks between teams to either make teams better, go into full rebuild mode, get rid of horrendous contracts or more. In this article, I will be discussing 4 different trades I think NFL teams need to do ASAP. So let's begin with this blockbuster trade.

Trade #1:

Cowboys Receive- S, Jamal Adams & 2021 6th Rd Pick

Jets Receive- OT, La'el Collins & WR, Michael Gallup

Why For The Cowboys?- The Cowboys lost some key pieces on their defense in this year's free agency including Byron Jones and Robert Quinn. Acquiring superstar safety Jamal Adams would hopefully make up for the void on defense. They also get a draft pick in which they need because as they sign players to long term deals and lose cap space they will need to recycle players using the draft.

Why For The Jets?- I love Jamal Adams as a player and this is no knock to him. But when you have other needs for your roster you can't waste your cap paying a safety 20+ million as it's one of the lesser positions of importance on the field. The Jets also fill two of their biggest needs in the offensive line and the wide receiver position.

Trade #2:

Giants Receive- DE, Yannick Ngakoue

Jaguars Receive- TE, Evan Engram, 2021 3rd Rd Pick & 2022 7th Rd Pick

Why For The Giants?- In this trade the Giants will get one of the positions they've needed for the past couple of years, an edge rusher. This trade will put them one step closer to competing and ignite their defense.

Why For The Jaguars?- Well, Yannick has said himself he wants to move on from the Jaguars and play elsewhere. But at least they get a solid tight end when healthy in Evan Engram and two picks for the rebuild that they seem to be entering.

Trade #3:

Steelers Receive- QB, Josh Rosen

Dolphins Receive- 2021 4th Rd Pick

Why For The Steelers?- Not only is Big Ben getting old, but he is coming off a serious elbow injury. For most people Ben Roethlisberger is a question mark this upcoming season because no one knows how he will play. But if things take a turn for the worst the Steelers need a backup plan and I believe Josh Rosen can be that. He would play behind of one the league's best offensive lines, have solid pieces around him on offense, and have an elite defense on his side.

Why For The Dolphins?- The Dolphins commited to drafting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa so they no longer need Josh Rosen. They also get a pick for this already rising roster.

Trade #4:

Buccaneers Receive- RB, Leonard Fournette

Jaguars Receive- 2021 3rd Rd Pick

Why For The Buccaneers?- The Buccaneers seem to have interest in solidifying this backfield as they went out and drafted two running backs the past two years. So they finally go out and get a #1 back that doesn't seem like he's in the Jags long term plans.

Why For The Jaguars?- The Jaguars have expressed interest in shopping Leonard Fournette. So they wait for the offer where they can get the best value pick for their rebuild.

And those were 4 NFL Trades that I think should happen because they benefit both sides of the deal. Let me know in the comments if you have a realistic trade you want to happen.

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