5 Bold Predictions for Week 8 of the 2020 NFL Season

Here are five bold predictions for Week 8 of the 2020 NFL season. Which one(s) will come true and which one(s) did I completely butcher?

1. Ben DiNucci helps Dallas beat Philadelphia on Sunday Night

Creator: Ron Chenoy

Ben DiNucci is a name very little people are accustomed to, but the 7th-round selection out of James Madison could turn heads during primetime. Dallas has not brought a veteran in to replace him, which says something about how he has performed during training camp and practice. DiNucci has been known to make crazy throws that fit right into the receivers hands, he has some baseball in his background so that contributes to his throwing. Ben left college third all-time on James Madison's completion with 479, he also finished fourth all-time with passing yards (5,716, and touchdowns (45). DiNucci's at teammate at JMU, Ron'Dell Carter, has been quoted saying "He's a great guy who has a lot of charisma -- a lot of personality. And I think the City of Dallas is going to love him. He's one hell of a ballplayer." It may not be a pretty performance by the rookie or the Cowboys, but there is a possibility he can stun the Eagles defense if given time in the pocket.

2. Tua Tagovailoa throws for 150+ yards and totals 3 touchdowns (Rushing/Receiving)

The Tua Tagovalioa era starts Sunday for the Miami Dolphins. Tua has been the most eagerly awaited player to debut from the 2020 drafts class besides Bengals QB Joe Burrow and Washington DE Chase Young. I think Tua will have a pretty solid first game because there is no game film of him in the NFL besides two passes that came from Week 6 against the Jets. Tua went through his reads during his brief playing time, which is something few rookie QBs do in their first step on an NFL field. He also showed patience and mobility in the pocket. Tagovailoa has a few targets that stand out, like Mike Gesicki and DeVante Parker. The 5th overall pick will have his work cut out for him against the Los Angeles Rams and Aaron Donald.

3. Seattle falls to the 49ers at home


Although the 49ers are not close to last years dominance, it is a division game and anything cam happen in divisional games (unless it's the AFC East in the 2000s and 2010s). These two teams always play each other tough and have met up in the playoffs a time or two, these games are physical and draining, but fun for the players. Seattle's secondary has not performed well this year, Seattle has allowed 28.7 points per game, which is the 23rd most allowed points in the league through week 7 and mostly due to the pass defense. With rising rookie Brandon Aiyuk filling in for Deebo Samuel and George Kittle remaining elite, San Fransisco has a chance against the Seahawks defense. Seattle is also coming off another divisional game against the Cardinals that went into late overtime and it resulted in a 37-34 Arizona win, Russell threw 3 INTs. Anything can happen on a Sunday.

4. Cam Newton bounces back against the Buffalo Bills

PC: New England Patriots

Cam Newton has struggled this season, and he's bringing the Patriots along for the ride. Newton already has 7 INTs, he's on track to have more interceptions than his career high (17) in his 2011 rookie campaign. However, fans should have faith in Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, although the offense has not been all there and Sony Michal remains inactive, Newton has running abilities and teams can run against Buffalo, especially when they expect pass. Superman Cam has not made an appearance very often this season, but Newton is due for a good game and so is the rest of the team, Newton will turn his year around this week.

5. Justin Jefferson remains the most explosive rookie wideout this season

Creator: John Autey | Credit: John Autey

Justin Jefferson has filled the Stefon Diggs role quite well so far. Jefferson has three games above 100 yards, his highest being 175 yards. So far this season, Justin has caught 28 balls for 537 yards and 3 scores, he has busted onto the scene. Minnesota is playing the Green Bay Packers, Green Bay has gave up the 19th most points with 26.5 points per game, Justin Jefferson has strived against the middle ranked teams. Green Bay will be focused on Adam Thielen, Kyle Rudolph, and the run game with Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson might slip through the cracks. Lastly, Justin has been a deep threat, watch him to slip through the defense from the slot and catch a deep pass.

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