5 Players The Habs Should Avoid In The 2020 NHL Draft

The 2020 Draft is loaded with great talent and I think the habs would be wasting a pick if they were to take one of these 5 guys.

  1. Dylan Holloway

Dylan Holloway is a good 2 way forward. He is a good skater and can play good defence. He is projected to go in the #16-#24 range but it wouldn't be ideal to take him in the top 60. The concerns I have about him is the lack of scoring this year but I also dislike how low his ceiling compared to the other prospects. I think Holloway could be a good middle six forward with a reasonably high floor (bottom 6) but considering the fact that a the bulk of the players projected going in the 1st round have Elite/solid upside it would be absurd to take Holloway over someone like Noel Gunler, or Jan Mysak or Rodion Amirov.

2. Kaiden Guhle

Kaiden Guhle is a solid puck moving dman. He is projected to go it the #15-#23 range. I think it would be a bad idea to take him in the 1st round. I like his game he moves the puck well and defends well while being good offensively. The one concern I have about him is that he is a safe pick but he has a low ceiling. I think Guhle could be at best a 2nd Pairing dman but I think he can be at worst a bottom pairing dman. I think it would be truly stupid to take him in the 1st round especially when there are guys like Connor Zary, Jacob Perrault, or even Lukas Reichel

3. Braden Schneider

Braden Schneider is a good dman who can defend well and reduces the amount of time spent in his own zone. He is projected to go in the #16-#24 range. He is also fine offensively and can make plays. He can be a good PK guy. My one concern about him is that he is another safe pick, he has potential to be a 2nd pairing dman at best or at worst a bottom pairing dman. It would be really dumb for a team to pick him in the 1st round and whoever takes him will regret it later on.

4. Shakir Mukhamadullin

Shakir Mukhamadullin is an intresting player. He is big, strong, physical, has fine skating, and has an powerful shot, but he has a super low hockey IQ. He is projected to go in the #34-#40 range so that is why he is this low but the habs got a frenzy of 2nd round picks so there is a possibility that this pick goes down. He is lanky but can fight off checks and has a hard shot. He is big and strong so he can do good in battles but the 1 flaw that could really kill him is his lack of hockey IQ and that is something you need. I think his ceiling is a 4/5th dman so that is why I wouldn't touch this guy with a 100ft pole.

5. Hendrix Lapierre

Hendrix Lapierre is a great player who could be a top 6 talent he has a good defensive game and great playmaking abilities. He is projected to go in the #18-#27 range. The reason why the habs shouldn't take him is just that he is a boom or bust guy because of the amount of injuries he has obtained especially as of late. I don't think this risk is worth it and I think the habs centre pool is good enough. He does a lot of things right but the thing that kills him is injuries and that could end his career. I think when there are guys like Mysak, Gunler, Quinn, and Perrault on the board Lapierre isn't worth it.

There are tons of great talents in the draft and I think they lose the draft if they take one of them guys they lose the draft and I would be pissed.

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