5 Players who I believe should have been an all star this year.

The All Star Game this year was one of the most intense, and exciting all star games since it became a thing in 1951 despite a lot of controversial picks. It seemed like a lot of players picked to be an all star were picked more based on their team success, than their personal success as a player this year. There are many snubbed players who I believe will be next years all stars, and should have been this year. In this article I will be talking about 5 players who should have been all stars, and who they should have replaced.

#1- Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal this year put up MVP type numbers, carrying his team. Beal was an all star for the past two years before the 2019-2020 but wasn't this year despite this season being his best. Beal this year averaged 30 points, 4 assists and 6 rebounds on 45.5% shooting. The wizards this year were only 24-40, but his stats should have been enough to prove to people that he should have been all star.

Replaced: Khris Middleton/Kyle Lowry/Ben Simmons

#2- Karl-Anthony Towns

KAT once again had a fantastic season with the T-Wolves this year. He averaged 26 points, around 11 rebounds and a career high, 4 assists on 50% shooting. KAT also improved his 3-point shooting this year, averaging 3 threes a game on 41% shooting. 41% shooting isn't just really good for a big man of his size, but also a guard of any caliber. Towns team was often shifting as well. Their front office made two trades in the timespan of 48 hours involving 8+ players from 5+ teams. He was able to adapt to many different situations and still won 19 games in a tough western conference.

Replaced: Rudy Gobert

#3- Zach LaVine

LaVine has been improving his game each year and this was the year were it looked like he would become an all star. He had an even better chance at becoming one since Chicago would be hosting it. Unfortunately for Zach, it seems like the people who vote on who becomes an all star value playing with the best player in the NBA and being the 2nd option more than single-handedly trying to will their team into the playoff picture. With his own team, he's developed a "good stats, bad team" reputation. He averaged 25 points, 4 rebounds and assists on 45% shooting while taking about 20+ shots a game. If the bulls add one more piece to the offense LaVine can take less shots which in my opinion, would secure an all star spot for him in the years to come.

Replaced: Khris Middleton

#4- Nikola Vučević

Nikola last year proved to others that he could be a potential all star for the next couple seasons with a dominant performance last year. This year he put up 19 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists while shooting 47% from the field and 32% from 3. Vučević plays the center position better than Sabonis or Adebayo in today's NBA which is why I believe he deserves an all star spot over them. The 3 ball is so crucial to todays NBA and without it, you and your team will likely struggle. Both Sabonis and Adebayo shot below 30% from the 3 while Bam shot 7%. I know that Adebayo plays a more traditional center role, similar to how they played in the nineties, but he also scores and rebounds less than Nikola despite scoring and rebounding being the main purpose of the center position in the nineties.

Replaced: Bam Adebayo/Domantas Sabonis

#5- DeMar DeRozan

People seem to forget about how good DeMar really is. He is a multi time All-NBA and has averaged 20+ points since 2013. He is one of the most consistent shooters this season shooting a crazy 52% on 15 shots a game. He averaged 22 points, 5 rebounds and assists in a tough Western Conference. In San Antonio the only reliable second option for DeMar would be a 34 year old LaMarcus Aldridge who played great this season.

Replaced: Chris Paul

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