5 Things Spotted In The North London Derby | Spurs 2-1 Arsenal

In this article I am going to write about 5 things that were spotted in the North London Derby on Sunday Afternoon.

1. The Spurs Attack improved - After the match vs Bournemouth, the Tottenham attack needed to be improved after 0 shots on target vs a near relegation team. But in this game, spurs had 15 attempts on goal with 9 of them on target. This was a relief and with the two goals the attacking players stepped up when they needed to.  

2. Arsenal’s defence was poor - After conceding only 1 goal in 4 games, Arsenal’s defence was a lot more solid and looked good going into this game. However in this game, the defensive performance was terrible. A misplaced pass by Kolasinac to David Luiz put Son through on goal to score and poor defending in the game as Spurs had multiple chances to score more. 

3. Toby Alderwierld had a great performance - Toby Alderwierld was another standout defender in the NLD. He had a solid performance at the back and got the winning goal for Spurs from a flick header. He stopped a lot of chances that came Arsenal’s way and kept cool and composed. 

4. Arsenal Dominated the Second half - Apart from the winning goal by Toby Alderwierld and some good chances from Spurs, Arsenal had a lot more of the ball and looked more likely to score as the half went on. They had 72% possession in the second half. They played well, but they couldn't get the goal. 

5. It was good tactics from Mourinho - From Analysing this game, you could see it was a tactical game. Arsenal pressed hard and at times gave Spurs no options to pass to. However, you could always see Son and Kane close to each other and they both looked to make runs and to win the ball. This was planned by Mourinho and it was done well and Arsenal didnt work it out.

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