76ers Want To WHAT?!?!

So I read an article saying the Sixers are going to pursue Harden and I’m going to discuss a few ups and downs that would result from this deal.

So the first trade package I seen was Ben Simmons, Mike Scott and Zaire Smith for Harden. Now the upside For the 76ers they get a ball handler who can score and make plays. And the upside for the Rockets well there really isn‘t one beside they get a young point guard or small forward. But otherwise they trade their main scorer and best three point shooter for Ben Simmons who rarely shoots a three and he would be running with Russell Westbrook and those two together are a big NO.

The second package I saw was Ben SImmons, Tobias Harris and a first for Harden, Tucker, and House. To me this deal is a little better but still dumb. The Rockets in this case are getting two good players and a first that they could use to flip either Russ or Simmons for a decent all star caliber player who can shoot the three ball. The Sixers they would be getting rid of Harris’ contract and gaining an 8 time All star two good all around role players.

Another possible trade would just straight up be Harden for Embiid. This is probably the most likely deal to happen. The reason I say this is Houston is looking to gain a center again and Philadelphia needs more shooting. Although I don’t like the idea of this is because Harden is the center of the Rockets franchise and is the type of player the modern day NBA is all for and Westbrook‘s style of play is kind of outdated for point guards and this trade would require more threes to come from Russ and we all know what that is like.

The Final package I’m going to discuss is Al Horford and Joel Embiid For Harden, Gordon, Covington, and Tucker. Just like the last trade it is a good trade although the Rockets are going to be losing two great defenders and the third best scorer on the team. But they are gaining Embiid who can rebound and protect the basket and is a top 2 center in the NBA and also getting Al Horford who can stretch the floor. To me all of these trades aren’t really going to make the Rockets want to trade Harden and as a Houston fan I hope they do not.

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