A Deeper Look Into Number One Overall Pick Anthony Edwards' Pros and Cons

Scouts, GMs, and front office staffs were all clambering on who to draft in the lottery. There was the recurrent mock draft that consisted of Anthony Edwards going number one, James Wiseman going number two, LaMelo going number three, and so on. Well, Anthony Edwards ended up going number one, as expected, but now that his honest feelings on basketball have surfaced, will his thoughts on basketball hold him back?

Let's start with Edwards' pure strength. He's 6'5 and weighs 225 pounds. To give you context, in my last article, I was writing about LaMelo Ball. He's 6'8, 190 pounds. Despite his strength already, Edwards has the frame to put on even more weight if he wants to. With the sheer power that Edwards has, it makes it easier for him to create space while attacking the basket, and we know what he can do with space. I know people are quick to talk about how Edwards keeps the ball to himself, but let me tell you something; that was what Georgia needed to do to win games. The standard fan will rarely look deeper into the stats and records, but I took a moment and noticed that when Edwards scored 24 or more points, Georgia went 6-3. It's not so much that Edwards doesn't want to pass the ball, it's the fact that his teammates struggle to convert the opportunity he gives them into points, and also because Edwards being the main man/scorer every game was the best recipe for the team.

Now let's talk about the downsides to Edwards' game. Despite his God-given abilities, Edwards struggles with his shot selection, and that's what I'll talk about next. Just because Edwards can make shots from 5 feet behind the three point line doesn't mean he should be taking them, and that was his problem. Even when he was heavily contested or significantly behind the three point line, he still took the shot, despite it not being a good one. Another flaw of Edwards' game is his defense. As we mentioned before, he is a physical behemoth on the basketball court, but he doesn't give his all while playing defense. I know playing defense may not be as exciting as playing offense, but if you want to win games in the NBA, slacking off on defense is not an option.

Of course, there's all the talk about how Edwards would rather be in the NFL than the NBA, and although this isn't everything, it is something. The great ones in the game of basketball love the game, and you better believe they watch game film. So when Edwards said himself that he can't watch basketball, I got a little concerned. Players like this tend to not work as hard, which means that it will take longer for him to develop. He has all the talent he could wish for, but when people ask me who I think the ROTY would be, I will say the same thing every single time. Whoever puts in more work on and off the NBA basketball court.

As for a player comparison, I would compare Edwards to Andrew Wiggins given they have the same play style and were very similar coming out of college. Now, Edwards could be better, but that's up to him.

Thanks for reading, until next time, remember how dangerous Edwards could be if he's always going 100% in addition to working on improving his game outside practice time. Thanks for reading.

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