A Dive Into The Domi Trade

Wow. That's all I can say about this trade. In a previous article I made ideal trade options for Domi but I didn't think something like that was going to happen. Here is the details of the trade: Max Domi (RFA rights), 2020 3rd round pick for Josh Anderson (RFA rights). Basically we sent a solid forward and a very good pick for a middle 6 forward. Now lets dive into this trade.

Lets start by looking into Max Domi. Max Domi is a forward who is great on the transition and can make some dangerous passes. Domi has an average finish ability and gets a fine volume of shots. On the transition he does well, he gets a lot of zone exits and entries however he turns over the puck and is bound to fail. He tends to dump and chase. He is below average defensively and doesn't manage the puck well however, he does use his stick effectively.

Now lets get into Josh Anderson. Anderson is a fine forward who puts up a lot of shots, plays average defence, is average transitionally but has elite forechecking ability. Josh Anderson has a very bad shot when it comes to shooting talent however his high volume of shots and luck is why he puts up goals. He is an incompetent passer. However on the transition he is fine he can chase and recover dump ins, he can carry the puck in and manages the puck good. However his lack of speed and the low volume of entries and exits is why he is only average. He is average defensively doing everything ok and is physical. His physicality and size is why I am ok with him being on the habs.

Now lets compare these 2 to each other. Domi Gives up more chances and he gives up more quality chances then Anderson, However Domi puts up more chances and puts up a higher quality of chances as well. Domi isn't as physical or as good defensively as Anderson but he is more impactful generally speaking. Anderson is a physical forechecker who can't finish (just like the majority of the team), and has a fine defensive game. Domi is a more offensive minded player who is good but not great transitionally and can make deadly plays happen.

Lets look into this 3rd round pick now. This is the 78th overall pick. Potential guys that could have been taken include: Zayde Wisdom, Carter Savoie, Joel Blomqvist, Nico Daws, Roby Jarventie, and William Villeneuve. This draft is so deep where there are people who can go in the 3rd round who could be solid or elite players and this could really pan badly for the habs if the Blue Jackets get their hands on one of those guys.

Final verdict: Habs lose this trade by a country mile. My reasoning is that you trade Domi who is a solid player and a good pick that can lead to a good player for Josh Anderson who does add size and physicality but he is at best a middle six forward. Obviously this can be another Galchenyuk for Domi episode but I wouldn't count on it. The value here is way too disproportionate for me to like this deal. One of them 2 assets alone are worth more than Anderson. It is a major overpay and I think this is a bad deal for the habs.

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