A Huge Winner in the NFL Draft: Denver Broncos

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Broncos are Big Winners in this Draft. No, they didn’t get a top 5 pick but they got what fit for them. First they got Jerry Jeudy, which is a perfect weapon for Drew Lock. Exceptional Route Running and catching which will be huge for Denver. Next they picked up KJ Hamler. Who I thought would’ve been a top 3 Receiver if it wasn’t for this stacked class. Hamler has been a top receiver in the Big 10 for 2 years. He’s a speedster with great route running. If he can limit his drops he can be a great piece to the Broncos Puzzle. Drew Lock will have a lot of young talent at Receiver moving forward.

After they picked up the much needed talent at Receiver they started to focus on the O-line and Defense. They Picked up Ojemudia and Agim which will provide them depth on defense and some much needed youth. The Broncos also Selected Lloyd Cushenberry in the third round. I believe he is a High quality Center and brings a winning attitude to the team. Lloyd is a huge reason why Joe Burrow had the success he did at LSU. The Broncos had very good later rounds also. They continued to pick Defense and Offensive Lineman through the later rounds. I really believe this was a great draft for the Broncos. Picking up the Offensive Weapons but yet providing youth for the defense. I am excited to see how the players the Broncos Selected play out on the field.

Denver is looking to become a real contender starting this year. First Drew Lock, who they see as the franchise QB going Into his prime. Drew is a very skilled player and can make big plays. Next they have 3 very talented wide receivers in Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, and KJ Hamler. They also have a stacked TE room with Noah Fant leading the way. Now onto the running back room. This is a deadly two headed monster with Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay. If this duo can work together in the backfield the Broncos are in a very good spot. Lastly for the Offensive side is the offensive line. The Broncos have some very good young linemen. If they can provide in a good way for the Broncos that could be a huge step towards success.

The front seven of Denvers defense should be very scary to opposing QB’s. First you have a top 15 linebacker of all time in Von Miller. The D-Line is also great with Bradley Chubb, Jerrell Casey, and Shelby Harris. Next the Cornerbacks will be led by a top CB in A.J. Bouye. Lastly the safety position. This is led by a great tackler, Justin Simmons. I can see this young defense going a long way with the peices they have.

The Broncos could be in for a big season. With a young high powered offense leading the way and a great Von Miller led defense. This team could be a real player in the AFC and a big threat to the Chiefs in the future.

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