A Hypothetical Trade for the Minnesota Wild and the Florida Panthers

Minnesota wild trade hypothetical. The wild could possibly dish Jonas Brodin for prospects/picks so at the draft I can see them trading him. With the Panthers and wild already talking about trades for Brodin. I can see them getting a deal done . Spencer knight a mid round pick for the panthers just last year he is an amazing player with lots of potential this would even be a stretch to get him at all. Spencer Knight is a goalie which is a need for the wild and the panthers need another defenseman for the top 4. Brodin 27 is just at the start of his prime and with him being able to play first line minutes with young Ekblad is a win for them. Brodin at 27 is just at the start of his prime and is a very good defensive defenseman. And is a averages 20+ points a year with usally a + +/-. As for Knight he is 19 and is a very good goaltender in his freshman year of college with Boston College. His potential is through the roof and with our only other prospect is hunter jones now that Kaapo K. Is almost developed. We need Knight. At BC he averaged a .931 SP which is very above average and a also great just 1.97 GA compared to the average 3.00. The Panthers do not need Knight for a long time because of Sergei, but the wild need him soon as Stalock and Dubnyk are get into there mid 30’s. Kaapo K. Will be a starter very soon and we need a guy who will take him over in 2 3 years and also be a superstar.

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