Aaron Gordon Needs to be Traded For His Own Good

Aaron Gordon was chosen with the 4th pick of the 2014 NBA draft at age 19. What a talent, right? However, a lot of players that are chosen early in the draft at a young age turn out to be busts, however, I don't think Gordon should be considered a bust yet. Steve Clifford is one of the coaches that people can't really classify as good or bad. As an analyst, I think Clifford is just an average coach, but he's focusing on Nikola Vucevic too much. He's ignoring other assets such as Evan Fournier, Mo Bamba, ,Terrence Ross, and possibly the most ignored, Aaron Gordon. Gordon is still very young, entering his 5th year at 25. He should be entering his prime this next season. The time to trade is now. Gordon is signed through 2022 and there are plenty of teams that could use him in that period of time. Gordon might be regarded as expensive, as he just came off of a borderline $20,000,000 season, but if coached right and given the proper point guard to play with, Gordon could prosper.

I believe that Aaron Gordon, with time spent in the gym, could be a much better shooter than what it seems he currently is. So, with that being said, why not trade him to the Sixers where he can be coached by the great Doc Rivers and help the team. The Sixers need a power forward so that Tobias Harris can play small forward and Ben Simmons can play point guard. So, here's the trade.

Despite the projected -3 decrease in projected wins for the Sixers, Philly fans have to be happy with this trade. Al Horford has been hated by Sixers fans ever since he's been signed, partially because of the money he's making, and partially because of how poorly he's played. It's still questionable what the Sixers were doing when they signed Horford, let alone to that amount of money. We'll just leave it at this, the Sixers have over signed too many players and they can't sign another star because of the money they've spent on Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson, etc. So this trade would give the Magic a PF in Horford (I know that it says Horford is a center but he can play PF just as well) that is offensive savvy and it gives them a young two way player in Zhaire Smith. This also gives the Magic another opportunity to draft another young talent with a top 5 protected pick in the 2020 draft. The Magic don't have too much to trade, so this would add more depth to their team and give them the opportunity to let go of some of the players they are overpaying, yet they're not getting any playing time. From Al-Farouq Aminu on the bench, to Melvin Frazier, this team will be able to drop at least two players, likely three if they get a good pickup in the draft. So enough about this trade, let's move on to the next one.

You might think that the Bucks don't need a PF because Giannis is already playing that position, but it's clear that something needs to change in the Bucks organization. Wesley Matthews is currently the starting SG at 32. The Bucks lack in true and fluent offensive production. A lot of the Buck's points come from shooting so many times that a percentage of them go in, and just driving into the paint. It doesn't hurt that Giannis scores 16.4 PPG in the paint either to bump up the paint points. You might be wondering why I'm giving up George Hill to the Magic. Despite being a 46% three point shooter, George Hill is not a pure shooter. He can go on long spurts of not being able to shoot the ball, and when he's out there, it honestly looks like he doesn't want to shoot it. He doesn't like to dribble the ball and drive to the hoop either. Only averaging 3.1 APG, it's not like Hill is a talented passer. When on the court, Hill always looks a little timid to really do anything, and I think it's time for him to move on to his next team. The Magic, however, are technically getting two shooters in Hill and Ilyasova in addition to getting a boost in the form of a round two pick. This provides young talent to a relatively old team. Shooters are exactly what Orlando need right now in addition to another PG and a PF to replace the departure of Gordon. As DJ Augustin gets older, it might be time to trade him or just let him go, and George Hill could replace him.

So those are the two trades I have for Aaron Gordon. Let me know in the comments another team you think Gordon could fit in with and I will give you a trade and let you know why that works. Until next time, remember, Aaron Gordon is not done yet, he's still young, he has tremendous athleticism, and he has the capability to get better at shooting. He just needs to be included in a bigger way than he currently is with the Magic. Thanks for reading!

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