Aaron Rodgers-The end

Now, I’m no Max Kellerman who blatantly biases his disdain toward Brady like a radical news pundit covering politics in 2020. Coming from a Pats fan, I know what the short reality feels like to loose an icon, legend, and perhaps god of your team. However, it looks like Aaron Rodgers is the end of the cheesehead tenure, and it happens to be more of a situational problem rather than purely talent.

Remember the last great fullback in the NFL? Or a kicker finishing in the top 10 of MVP voting? No, you haven’t, and it certainly looks like Aaron Rodger’s style and value is becoming obsolete. Firstly, his injuries. The plethora of broken bones and dislocations, with a offensive line that’s nothing to sneeze about for the past 5-10 years, is making his value drop faster as the 35-year old ages. He missed most o the 2017 season and has gone weeks without playing thereafter. Next, his stats. In an article written by the NFL this July, it states:

“Prior to that line of demarcation -- Week 7 of the 2015 season -- Rodgers sported a 76-33 QB record with a 66.0 percent completion rate and a gaudy 107.0 passer rating. That is, undoubtedly, first-class production. Since that point, though, Rodgers is just 24-24-1 as a starter with a 62.7 percent completion rate and 96.4 passer rating. Additionally, the QB is fresh off a season that saw him record the second-lowest completion percentage (62.3) of his starting career, as well as the fewest touchdown passes (25) in a season where he played in at least 10 games.”

While there’s no doubting he is one of the best to ever play, and has one of the highest QBR’S of all time, his stats coming season after season digress. If you’ve ever had him in fantasy for the past few years, you would know: finishing just as QB9 this season playing in a division with the dysfunctional bears and lions organization is nothing to be proud of. His inability to preform in big games (17-26-1 against teams above 500 since 2012), and the dismal end to last season in the NFC championship game, show you all you need to know. Finally, his attitude as a leader has been called into question. Reports say his relationship, especially after the Jordan Love pick, with LaFluer is rocky, and teammates who have called him “toxic” and “self-centered” furthe rlend to the point he isn’t the best locker room guy. With a team with lots of young talent, a toxin in the locker room is the last thing you want. Maybe the packers organization know something we don’t, and the time for Love to start for the packers is sooner than one may think. The value of having an aging, toxic and less-producing QB in this league with free agent QB’s that can start for a team week one, is like drafting a kicker in the first round: next to worthless.

There’s no denying that Rodgers is maybe the most talented QB of all time and has been a staple of QB sucsess for the past decade. But with all good things, they must come to an end. Age, injuries, production, attitude and moves by the franchise all lead itself to prove that the Rodgers-packers marriage is coming to an end, whether through a blissful so-long or a messy divorce.

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