All Eyes on Christian Wood

The casual NBA fan might not even know who this guy is, but it's time to know exactly who he is. His name is Christian Wood, a 6'10 24 year old PF/C out of UNLV. He just came off of his best season so far with the Pistons, but still didn't see big minutes until towards the end of the season when they realized how well he could actually play. Well, let me tell you right now, Christian Wood can play.

I went ahead and included that graphic so you can get a taste of what Wood did at the end of last year's season. Like I said in my previous article, I had all-NBA players on my fantasy basketball team, and I added Christian Wood and he put up fantastic numbers every time I started him. As you can see by the graphic, Wood doesn't need major minutes to score, and when he's given major minutes, he's putting up major points.

Let's get into what Wood can do on the court. Wood is a dominant pick and roll/fade player, as he can roll to the basket for a thunderous dunk or an acrobatic finish. Just when the defense thinks that will happen again, he'll pop out to the three point line and drain the deep ball, just like he did on nearly 39% of his attempts last year (38.6%).

As you can see, Wood is a tremendous lob finisher, but in addition to being able to rebound and shoot threes, he can even put the ball on the floor and get to the paint all by himself! Wood really is the whole package and I'm really looking forward to what he'll do next year, whether it be with the Pistons or another team. Truthfully, I'd like to see Wood have a chance to play on a better team such as the Celtics, but if I were the Pistons, I would definitely be keeping this guy.

Obviously, the first opinion would immediately be Wood getting signed by the Celtics, but what would be an even better option? The Miami Heat. That would be pretty crazy right? But it could definitely happen. Wood only got paid $1.6 million last year with the Pistons. The Pistons have a little over $23,000,000 in cap space, so even if they offer Wood a lot more money, they can certainly afford it. With Wood playing PF, imagine that lineup. Goran Dragic (if re-signed in FA, otherwise, Kendrick Nunn), Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler, Christian Wood, and Bam Adebayo. I'm not going to list out everywhere that Wood could go, because that could take a while, and that would very likely bore you.

With all that being said, that's all I have for now! Until next time, remember, if the Heat re-sign Dragic, acquiring Christian Wood would add another lob threat for Dragic to lob to. Thanks for reading!

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