All you need to know about the NFL's COVID-19 rules

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The NFL will be completely different this year, new rules will be applied and some old ones won’t, but here is everything you need to know about COVID-19 rules

COVID-19 Tests

As the season reopens and training camp is about to start players will need to test positive in 3 COVID tests, taken in a span of 4 days. These tests will take place from Tuesday, July 28th - Friday, July 31st. If players fail these tests they won’t be allowed inside the Team’s facilities and will be submitted into mandatory quarantine.

After that series of tests players will begin training activities and physical examinations, COVID tests will be taken every single day before players enter their facilities. After two weeks of daily tests, new testing rules apply. If a team has had less than 5% of their tests positive, the players will start being tested once every two days. But if the positive results surpass the 5% mark, daily tests will continue.

*Tests may change throughout the season

What will be done in order to keep players healthy

All team personnel will be carrying, High tech contact tracing monitors, to be able to determine who has been near or in contact with COVID-19. The NFLPA and the NFL reached an agreement where players couldn’t put themselves in high risk off the field, which means no parties, night clubs, bars, or any type of gathering with more than 15 people. A team can punish their places if they decide to break these rules. Some teams have decided to move their meeting rooms and their weighting room outdoors. And some teams wanted to take extra care of their QBs so they will continue the online sessions instead of gathering in the meeting rooms.

Players who opt out

Players can decide whether they will play the season or not. If a player ops out because of sickness concerns and/or are at a greater risk than others, they will receive an initial amount of $350,000 and an accrued NFL season. But those who aren’t at greater risk but they still want to opt out, they will receive a sum of $150,000 and no accrued NFL season. All of these player’s contracts will be tolled to next season. Starting yesterday Monday, July 27th the players will have one week to decide whether they play or don’t.

What if an outbreak happens?

Depending on the seriousness of the outbreak, a team might postpone and reschedule their games, but if complication gets too high, the team will be forced to forfeit those games.

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