Analyzing the NO Saints 1st quarter of the season

There has been a lot of surprises the first few weeks of the season for saints fans, So this article will discuss the Pros and Cons of the past 4 weeks and how the Saints should approach the next 4 weeks.

  1. Pros and Cons The Saints have had about an even amount of ups and downs, the ups benefited in week 1 and week 4, and the downs did their thing in week 2 and 3. This brings the Saints at a 2-2 record to start the season, what needs to be improved? Pros:

• Alvin Kamara - He has been the most noticeable RB in the league this year and even has better stats than some very recognizable receivers. Giving Kamara the ball is a great idea that should be implemented for the rest of the season. • Tre'Quan Smith - For a 3rd string WR, he has some pretty impressive stats, with the highest catch percentage in the Saints receiving core. He scored 2 TDs against the lions a couple days ago and has been amazing left and right on the field with catching and gaining yards for the offense. • Running the ball - KamaraxMurray is arguably one of the best RB duos in the NFL, and are both starting RB material. Most run snaps for the Saints end up in big or helpful plays, so running the ball is definitely a strong point this year. • T. Hendrickson, D. Davis, and P. Robinson - As LB Demario Davis is carrying the defense, D-lineman Trey Hendrickson and DB Pat rick Robinson has shown some promise. Hendrickson has been as scary as Superstar DE Cameron Jordan to the point where some saints fans rather start him over Saints DE Marcus Davenport. After winning a game against the Detroit Lions while being down 14 points in less than 5 minutes, Patrick Robinson made a clutch endzone interception, changing the tide of the game. He showed that he can use his skills when needed, especially when the 2 Starting CBs for the Saints were ruled out. A good idea would be to switch him with a DB once every few snaps. Cons:

• Drew Brees - Overall, Brees did good in the first 4 weeks, but his week 4 performance barely saved him. Brees has to trust his receivers more and pass for more than 10 and 15 yards. Passing to Kamara in the backfield has so far been very reliable, but doing so all season isn't gonna do anyone good. • Defense - The defense has not yet had their wake up call this season. A lot of yards have been let up the past few weeks, and the defense virtually lets the opponents go right through them. The defense in the redzone and on 3rd down also need to step up. It gives the opponent more time of possession and an easier chance of points. • Play calling - The play calling hasn't been very amazing. This leads to a plethora of things that can change the face of the game like Interceptions and punts at bad times • Penalties - If you're a Saints fan, this word makes your heart sink just by looking at it. Penalties are notorious for giving up yards for the Saints, and they always come at the absolute worst times.

2. 2nd Quarter - Weeks 5-9 The Saints aren't halfway done with the season until week 9, because of their bye week in week 6. In week 5, they play against the Chargers, and in week 7-9 they play the Panthers, Bears, and Buccaneers. It could be an easy 4-0 for the second quarter if the Saints get it together. winning these games would get them in a 6-2 record. The Saints should focus on defense for these games, they will be facing against a lot of weapons. Nothing really big that can be discussed further. Follow me on Instagram here! Subscribe to my Youtube for Madden gameplay and Highlights!

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