Are the Boston Celtics serious contenders to make the championship This year?

Are the Boston Celtics serious contenders this year to go to the championship? Lets talk about it the Celtics have been championship contenders for about the last four years and are a team that usually makes the playoffs. But it seems to be that around the second round or around the eastern conference finals Celtics can never convert and get the job done to make the NBA finals. There plenty of games I have to back up why that is true.

Lets take it back a couple of years just in the 2016-2017 season when the Celtics had star point guard Isaiah Thomas he was there best player who lead them in scoring. The Celtics went 53-29 with being 1st in the eastern conference over the Cleveland Cavaliers who had Lebron James. But Isaiah found a way to get his team to the top of the East with his speed, shooting and athleticism and much more.

Celtics went to the playoffs as serious contenders. they played the 8 seeded Chicago Bulls in the first round who had star player jimmy Butler and veteran player Dwyane Wade who is now a hall of famer. That duo was know joke and needed to be taken seriously. the Celts went down 0-2 in the first 2 games of the series then went on crazy to win 4 straight games to win the series.

The reason to why Celtics blew them out 4 straight games is do to there best playmaking player Rajon Rondo got Injured after the bulls went up 2-0 and weren't the same without him. so Celts went on a roll and won 4 straight the clinch the series.

Next the Celts played Wizards in the second round. Wizards had outstanding backcourt duo of John wall and Bradley Beal. In this series each team won all the home games in the series not one team won when they were on the road but Celts beat Wizards in 7. But not easy though Wall gave the Celts a scare in game 6 by hitting game winning 3 to force game 7 But Celts were the better team and figured out a way to win and won game 7 and took the series.

Next the Celts played the Cleveland Cavs in the eastern finals. Which made a Isaiah Thomas vs Lebron James matchup but this series didn't go very well not much to say about it Celtics got destroyed and lost in 5 games reason to why is because Isaiah Thomas got hurt early in the series. So Lebron broke the hearts of Celtics fans by dominating the series. So the Celtics were eliminated in a rough series for them.

That 2016-2017 year was the year Celtics always find a way to blow it in the eastern finals. they have done it years after this like 2017-2018 when they had Kyrie Irving on there team they lost to the Cavs again but this time in 7. Then the year after that to 2018-2019 still having Kyrie Irving on the team they lost second round to the Milwaukee Bucks In 5 pretty bad games. Then the list keeps going with one last year 2019-2020 season losing to the Miami Heat in 6 heartbreaking games. Besides the 2019-2020 season when Kyrie wasn’t on the Celtics the years before that the reason why Celtics were losing was because Kyrie Irving was distracting the team by being bad off the court and being bad to teammates.

With all that said me proving Celtics always find a way to blow it late in the playoffs. Me personally think this is the year the make the NBA finals. I have a good short explanation why Celtics will win the east and make the NBA finals.

The Celts have always struggled with the center position past few years and they Improved that in the offseason by adding Tristian Thompson to starting center and then having a great back scoring center Daniel Theis who is underrated. The very last center is Robert Williams who is still young and is only going to get better might breakout this season in my opinion. He played college in the state of Texas.

I also think the Celtics point guard position is great with Kemba walker who is a great isolation player. Who played college basketball at UCONN and actually won the national championship there. I am a fan of Walkers play style and is going to be good this year.

The backup point guard Celts have is Jeff Teague a experienced Vet who can put good bench scoring and teach the young players on the team more about the game since he is a veteran player players he'll talk to such as Jaylen brown, Jayson Tatum and Robert Williams.

The young duo of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are only going to get better and there gonna be good this year. I think both of them will make the All star team this year and not just them Walker will help with scoring and Just last year Tatum, Brown and walker all averaged above 20 points. So if Brown and Tatum Improve that can lead averaging even more than 20 points a game.

Final reason Celtics have a top 5 coach in the NBA if something goes wrong with the team he will know how to fix it. He also knows matchup situations in games and will know how to run plays on certain players.

So that is my explanation on how the Celtics will make the NBA finals let me know what you think? I worked very hard on this and enjoyed making it please leave comment I am very curious what you guys think of this.

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