Are The Broncos RBs Legitimate Fantasy Options in 2020?

The Broncos backfield is going to be explosive next season with Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay as the main running backs in the Mile High City. Although Gordon and Lindsay are going to complement each other in Denver, are they going to be good fantasy options in 2020?

Separately, Gordon and Lindsay are awesome runners. Although Gordon has only ever rushed for 1,000 yards once in his career, he is a two time pro bowler and has missed games in all but one of his seasons as a pro. When Gordon is on his game and ready to go, he is one of the league’s elite power running backs having rushed for 36 touchdowns in the past 4 seasons.

Lindsay is the perfect complement to Gordon. Lindsay is quick, elusive, and efficient especially in the open field. He has rushed for over a thousand yards in each of his two NFL seasons, and has found the end zone via the run 16 times in two years. However, Lindsay’s production from 2018 to 2019 saw a small downturn, which doesn’t bode well for what he’ll be able to accomplish with Gordon in town.

In Denver’s backfield, Gordon will probably be the favorite for carries, but that does not mean Lindsay won’t have a use. In my eyes, Gordon is a riskier pick than Lindsay, which is only worsened by where Gordon seems to be going in your average draft as a low end running back two or a high end running back three. For starters, Gordon has a long history of injuries, and being new in Denver with a bad offensive line are not benefits to having Gordon on your fantasy roster.

As for Lindsay, I see him as having a role similar to the role that Matt Breida will have in Miami, but with more production. The upside with Lindsay is that he is not injury prone and has already proven himself in Denver. Plus, if Melvin Gordon goes down with injury, Lindsay will be a solid running back two. Therefore, as Lindsay is being drafted significantly later than Gordon, the risk of using a pick on him is significantly decreased.

With that said, the Broncos running backs don’t seem to be great fantasy options in 2020. Not only will they compete with each other for touches, but both of them have pretty low ceilings that do not excite fantasy owners. Yet, even though Gordon and Lindsay don’t look set to explode fantasy wise next season, they will definitely help propel the Broncos offense in 2020.

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