Are the Giants Trash?

Well let's start this off by saying I am a Seahawks fan and I am disappointed in my team. From the middle of the offseason last year I remember thinking we had a easy end of the year which made me glad since that meant we would most definitely clinch the playoffs no doubt about it. Well I was completely wrong. At one point the Seahawks were undefeated and then one after another we lost making us to the point we are at right now 8-4.

Now that I got all my ranting out of the way let's get straight into the topic "Are the Giants Trash?" I'll give you the answer right now and explain more in depth after they are "Decent." Sure you could argue with me on either way of the spectrum but I would say they aren't totally awful. Yes, they are in the worst division we have seen in a while with them new leading 5-7 with the other teams in the division trailing be 1 game. Just because they are the worst division doesn't say anything that's not there fault and it actually helps them if they can create these wins. I mean they have definably improved towards the end of the season with there last 7 games they have went 5-2 which is the best I've seen them do in a while. I mean C'mon they are facing a team with a MVP (maybe not as much MVP anyone which pains me to say) Quarterback which the defense held to 260 yards. They held a leading yards receiver D.K. Metcalf to 80 yards. To add on to all of this they literally have a second string QB even though Daniel Jones isn't anywhere near to MVP status. Don't forget about Saquon he is out also and will come back by next year. I mean I even think that with Saquon they could have been 7-9. There are for sure making it to the playoffs but not far. All of this makes me feel that they are a decent team.

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