Are The Jaguars The Next 0-16 Team?

Although team’s consider it a failure of a season, going 0-16 is a very difficult task. There’s a reason only two teams in the past 20 years have done it. These two teams were the 2008 Lions and the 2017 Browns. The release of Leonard Fournette makes this Jaguars seem like the next team to go 0-16.

You cannot win without talent and the Jaguars are a team that has next to no talent. Leonard Fournette was the focal point of the offense but he was cut. the decision to cut him put the team in a very bad situation. This offense is carried on the shoulders of D.J. Chark, a young wide receiver that is coming off a great season. The Jaguars’ quarterback, Gardner Minshew, is serviceable at best and he will not have a lot of time due to the Jaguars’ horrible offensive line. The defense isn’t any better. They have two solid pass rushers, K’Lavon Chaisson and Josh Allen, and a great linebacker, Myles Jack, who recognizes the offense’s plays really quickly. Everyone else on the defense is horrific. This team almost won the AFC Championship in 2017. They only have 12 of the 52 players that they had in 2017.

Earlier I mentioned the two other teams that went 0-16 this decade, the 2008 Lions and the 2017 Browns, the Jaguars have a lot of similarities to these teams. All three had a young quarterback that makes terrible decisions, a terrible defense, a equally bad offensive line, and a star wide receiver that is amazing at catching 50/50 balls but he struggles due to poor quarterback play. History repeats itself and the Jaguars will be another example of a team that can’t win a game.

The Jaguars also have a decently difficult schedule that will make it hard for the team to win games. They only have three games I can see the team winning. Week 4 the Jaguars play against the Bengals. This game will be close but I think A.J. Green being healthy will be a huge advantage for the Bengals that will win them the game. The other game is week 11 against the Steelers. The Steelers are a great team but they have a tendency to underestimate teams like the Jaguars. If the Jaguars still had Leonard Fournette they would most likely be able to capitalize on the opportunity to beat a playoff caliber team, but they don’t do I believe the Steelers will win despite severely underestimating the Jaguars. In conclusion the Jaguars schedule isn’t terrible but they aren’t a good enough team to win any of the games on their schedule.

In conclusion, the Jaguars are a horrendous team that will definitely end up getting the first overall pick. In the NFL it’s impossible win without talent and the Jaguars are not a exception. It seems like the Jaguars have a cycle. They draft good players, then the players do really well, they trade the players for picks, and then the cycle continues. Jaguars fans should understand one thing, this year is going to suck but at least you’re going to get Trevor Lawrence.

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