Are the Pelicans Pampering Zion Williamson?

You may never have thought of it this way, but when you think of it, it kind of seems like they are. Letting him get so much rest, with limited playing time. Even when he's in the game, he typically isn't playing for more than 5 minutes. If I were to be honest, it seems like there's something else that the casual fan doesn't know about. Zion just had about a 4 1/2 month break from basketball, a time to relax and heal his body, and he still needs minute restrictions? He's still huffing and puffing running down the floor because he only put in muscle work, not conditioning work? It just doesn't make sense, so that's why I think there's something more to the Zion story.

If Zion truly does have an injury, or a conditioning problem, then that's fine, and the medical staff will treat that, but shouldn't the Pelicans have known? They used the 1st pick of the entire NBA draft to pick up Zion, and they didn't know this was going to happen? It was clear before that Zion was an injury prone guy, he was injured in high school, got injured in college, and then couldn't even make it to an actual NBA game before injuring himself in the Summer League. So based off the fact that Zion was still taken 1st pick, I think this so called "injury" of his is just a temporary thing, I don't think this will last forever. The reason I think this is because the Pelicans wouldn't have used their 1st pick on a guy that can't play more than 30 minutes throughout his whole career. If the Pelicans were playing harder and looked like they wanted to get somewhere, I would be more inclined to give Zion more minutes, but look at this team, they're 1-3 in the bubble, and yes, one of those games was a 15 point loss to the Kings, as they let them score 140. Since it doesn't really look like the Pelicans want to play or get anywhere, the Pelicans staff isn't really concerned about how many minutes Zion is getting, they're concerned about the health status of his future franchise player.

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