Backup QBs That Can Become Starters

So we all know starting quarterbacks, but we never notice the true talent behind the start QB. Here are some quarterbacks who have the chance of becoming the starter for their team.

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota used to be the starter for the Tennessee Titans. But then Ryan Tannehill came in and Marcus Mariota became a free agent then was signed by the LA Raiders. Right now, Derek Carr is the starting QB for the Raiders, but when he got injured in the 2nd quarter, Marcus Mariota came in. Marcus Mariota had 226 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, and 83.3 passer rating. For a backup QB, thats a decent amount of stats. If Marcus Mariota can bounce back and play the same way he did with the Titans, we can see him having a starting position.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz used to be the starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, but then he started to struggle & in came Jalen Hurts. A lot of people were doubting Carson Wentz saying he's a bad QB now, but I think Wentz still has potential. Carson Wentz started 10 in a half games. Wentz had 2,620 yards, 16 TDs, 15 INTs, and 72.8 passer rating. The Eagles benched Carson Wentz because he was having problems with interceptions & put in the rookie, Jalen Hurts. I can see Carson Wentz having a bounce back year if the Eagles begin to start him once again. If the Eagles don't start Wentz, then we can see a potential trade put in place. I say, give Carson Wentz another chance!

Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton used to be the Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback, but in came Joe Burrow. When Andy Dalton was in his prime, he was a star, making 3 pro bowls. But he started to fall off and then the Bengals decided to use their first round pick & choose Joe Burrow. Right now, Andy Dalton is a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. When Dak Prescott got injured, in came Dalton. Andy Dalton played about 10 games and had 1,926 yards, 14 TDs, 7 INTs, and 90.7 passer rating, but then got injured. 90.7 passer rating isn't bad for a backup QB. When Andy Dalton recovers from his injury, he maybe traded to a team who desperately needs a QB. I can see Andy Dalton becoming a starter once again.

Jamies Winston

Jamies Winston used to be the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2019, when Winston was with the Buccaneers, he had a whopping 5,109 yards, 33 TDs, 30 INTs, and 84.3 passer rating. But then, the Buccaneers decided to get Tom Brady, then Jamies Winston was a New Orleans Saint. Drew Brees then had a bad injury and then came Taysom Hill, not Jamies Winston. When Drew Brees retires, I can see Jamies Winston becoming the new starting QB for the New Orleans Saints. All he has to do is work on his accuracy and he might become a break out player.

Honorable Mentions

Jordan Love

Nick Foles

Joe Flacco

Case Ceenum

Jacoby Brissett

Thank you for reading my article! Signing off..


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