Bam for the slam

Bam Adebayo is on the Miami Heat. The heat has had a outstanding playoff run. They swept the pacers in the first round, They beat the Bucks with the series win 4-1 in five games as they advanced to the Eastern confrence finals as they take on the Celtics they barley won that Bam really went for it in that one. He stole it made it blocked it and helped the heat bring it to the NBA 2020 finals Finishing the series 4-2. In the finals the heat faced off against the Lakers. The Lakers are the number 1 Seed in the western conference and the heat is the number 5 Seed in the Easter conference. In game 1 the heat dominated in the first quarter Bam really slammed it he made shot after shot after shot. But sadly in the third quarter they started to slump and to make things worse Adebayo and Dragic both got hurt 😒😒😒😰😰😰. Dravidian hurt his left leg and Adebayo hurt his neck and both are probably out for the rest of the 2020 NBA finals.

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