Bears Fans are Frustrated, but They are still Playoff Worthy

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

This past Sunday, the Bears lost 24-17 against the Titans. A close game at first sight, but this game was not competitive at all.

Nick Foles threw for 335 yards and two touchdowns. Again good numbers at first sight, however, those were garbage numbers because the Bears scored 0 points through 3 quarters!

I would also like to mention, that without the Montgomery fumble which was carried back for a touchdown, and the Anthony Miller fumble, the Bears still probably lose this game.

Those plays were both late in the game, and after the second half, in which the Bears still had 0 points.

The Bears' first drive started off good, marching down to around the Titans 40-yard line. Then, they stumbled upon a 4th and 1. We're going for it. I like the decision. Matt Nagy runs a counter play to David Montgomery, not the best play call, but it should be serviceable for the first down. Germain Ifedi, the left guard, whiffs on a block, and Montgomery is corralled, stopping the Bears momentum.

We know this offensive line is bad, yet as a head coach you need to adjust, and that brings me to Matt Nagy.

Nagy is a good coach, he is a good fit for the Bears and we should not fire him. However, he refuses to adjust play calls during the game. He is a bad offensive play-caller.

For example, the Bears run up the gut with Montgomery nearly every run which is why his yards per carry were barely above 2 yards!

Montgomery is a good running back, and he can read openings, but there are few openings with this terrible O line. We need to let our playmakers make plays and run stretches or tosses. Give Montgomery a chance!

Also, for a reason that nobody knows Nagy decides to run the ball on 2nd & 16, and pass for a mere 5 yard gain on 3rd & 14. He does not have the ambition to gain a first down on a 2nd or 3rd and long.

Bears fans are frustrated with Nagy and although he is not on the hot seat the Bears should seriously consider telling Nagy that he needs to give up playcalling.

At the press conference after the game, Nagy once again did not take the blame for the offense and gave the same excuses.

The Bears YouTube channel had to take down the press conference because it had 15 likes and 300 dislikes! They then reuploaded it, which at the moment has 61 likes and 1,000 dislikes!

Again let me be clear. The Bears should not fire Nagy, he is a good coach. He just needs to give up playcalling.

Many Bears fans are calling for a quarterback change. Without a clean pocket, Foles does not look good out there. He is not mobile at all and is not stepping into his throws and throwing off his back foot.

Although Mitchell Trubisky is injured due to the RPO play against the Saints he will likely be available in a game or two.

This is the perfect time to go to him. Trubisky has been under a lot of pressure his whole career due to the Bears trading up to the 2nd pick to draft him.

There is no pressure now. Fans are dying to see him return and his potential is high. Trubisky's short accuracy is serviceable and most importantly he presents a massive threat with his legs. He is athletic and mobile, and the quarterback to lead this team. The way Foles is playing, he deserves another chance.

Once again in this game, the defense played fantastic, lead behind Roquon Smith who had 9 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, and a sack.

As I mentioned in the title, Bears fans should not lose hope. This team is playoff-worthy.

Look at their schedule for the rest of the year: They play the Vikings twice, the Lions, Texans, Jaguars, and Green Bay twice.

Last year, the Bears beat the Vikings twice despite the Vikings being 10-6 and the Bears finishing a disappointing 8-8.

The Bears have won their last 5 games verse the Lions and if they can beat the Texans and Jaguars who have a combined 3 wins this year, the Bears will finish 10-6 and almost a lock for the wild card.

All in all, I do have faith in this team. This defense is too good to not make the playoffs.

Chicago Bears, Bear Down! 🐻⬇️

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