Bears need HELP with their o-line!

The Chicago Bears definitely have one of the worst o-lines, if not, the worst o-line in the league... That’s one of the biggest reasons why we struggle offensively. Our o-line does not help Nick Foles at all since Foles isn’t great at escaping pressure.

I have no idea why Ryan Pace didn’t go after an olineman knowing that the Bears struggle in that area big time. This was most likely a bad decision by Pace now that 5 of the Chicago Bears olineman are either injured or have tested positive for Covid-19.

I just recently read something on the internet and it states that Mitch Trubisky suffered a shoulder injury in his one snap game against the Saints on Sunday... This could be false info coming from the Chicago Bears themselves! Some people think this is a way for Nagy to start Nick Foles 100% next game!

Nick Foles starting over Mitch Trubisky makes sense anywhere else but in Chicago. As all Bears fan know, Nick Foles is very bad at escaping pressure... It’s pretty much one of his cons, but Nick Foles Is such a great QB that doesn’t get a chance to prove what he can do since he has to play right behind an oline that gives him approximately 2 to 4 seconds to get off a throw!

Since the oline is not at its greatest... A total of 2 olineman were promoted to the active roster from the practice squad... Maybe these guys will do better, maybe not. We will just have to wait and see!

The oline is not the only reason why the Bears struggle. We can all agree that part of it is the play-calling by Matt Nagy. Even Nick Foles once stated that Matt Nagy calls out plays but doesn’t realize that he has enough time to make something happen out of them.

Cody Whithair is arguably the Chicago Bears best olineman. But it turns out that he got injured in the game against the Rams! In my opinion, the second best olineman for the Bears is Bobby Massie... But he’s out too! So it was definitely a big mistake by Ryan Pace to not trade or target an olineman. Let’s just hope the replacements for the oline can help out atleast a little bit!

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