Bears team breakdown (9th of 32)

The Bears are going into this season ranked as my 24th best team. I have them winning 7 games  this year and finishing 3rd in the NFC North and 12th in the NFC. Below is my in-depth breakdown of the team by position, staff, and fantasy worth.

Coaching: C+; I think Matt Nagy is a decent coach, but he has struggled developing Mitch Trubrisky and creating a viable offensive attack. I like the Chuck Pegano as their defensive coordinator, and I hope he can make their defense even stronger. I’m just not able to give Nagy and his staff a higher grade than a C+ because the defense is the only thing that they have successfully elevated.

QB: C-; Mitchell Trubrisky has been a very shaky quarterback so far with the Bears. Some weeks he looked like a very serviceable quarterback, and then the following week he would look like garbage. I doubt he loses his starting job to Nick Foles, but anything could happen. I also don’t think that Foles would be a much better option. Though he played fantastic with the Eagles, he struggled under the poor offensive line play of the Jaguars. Coincidentally, the Bears also have poor offensive line play. Foles thrives off of a great system with good protection. The Bears don’t have that.

RB: B-; Rookie running back David Montgomery showed a lot of potential when he played. He just managed to break 1,000 scrimmage yards and 7 touchdowns on the year. As a rookie, he was fairly impressive. He had his fair share of struggles, however, as he only had 3.7 yards per carry. I don’t think they are 100 percent his fault due to the poor offensive line play. I also like Tarik Cohen, though I don’t think he adds a lot of versatility to the backfield as he has a similar playstyle to Montgomery.

WR: B-; Allen Robinson has been a pretty underrated player since he joined the Bears. He might be their best weapon, but he almost gets no credit. He had 1,147 yards and 7 touchdowns last season with one of the worst passing attacks in the league. Anthony Miller is a decent second option for the Bears. He can be pretty above average in the red zone at times. Finally, Ted Ginn and Cordarelle Patterson are decent speedy options to use as gadgets and help spread the field. They are on the older side, though, and have shown very obvious regression.

TE: C+; After losing a valuable piece, Trey Burton, the Bears signed/drafted tight ends with vengeance. They have half a million on the roster, but only 3 will probably make it. The regressing Jimmy Graham will likely be the starter, Cole Kmet will be the rookie backup tight end. He has a lot of potential as the 43rd overall pick. Finally Demetrius Harris should be the 3rd string tight end. The group is ok, but it isn’t anything special. The signing of Jimmy Graham is certainly questionable as he will be guaranteed 9 million this year. Certainly the Bears have realized that they are signing 2020 Jimmy Graham and not his 2013 self?

O-line: D+; The Bears offensive line is pretty below average. Charles Leno Jr has pro bowl potential, but has been fairly inconsistent, James Daniels has been very poor at guard since the switch, and Cody Whitehair has seen good play, but has struggled recently especially at center. On the right side of the line, the Bears are very weak. German Ifedi and Bobby Massie are certainly not treasured pieces of the line. Overall, the line is nothing impressive which is sad because Mitch Trubrisky definitely struggles when his line does too.

D-line: A-; Don’t underestimate this Bears defensive line. It is good. Akiem Hicks can play at a pro bowl level when he is healthy, Eddie Goldman can be a solid piece at nose tackle, and Khalil Mack may be a top 3 defensive player. Almost any tackle that lines up against him is toast. I really like the addition of Robert Quinn. I think he can be overrated at times, but he gets to the quarterback very well. Last year he had a solid 11.5 sacks. Overall I like this Bears defensive line a lot. It doesn’t have the greatest amount of depth, but it has its fair share of stars around it.

LB: B-; The linebackers on this Bears team are very serviceable. They are nothing crazy, but they are good. Danny Trevathan is an above average middle linebacker. Roquan Smith is a good player with a ton of upside. He might be due for a great breakout year. There is a decent amount to like on this linebacking group. 

DB: B+; The Bears lost some depth with Haha Clinton Dix going to the Cowboys. The secondary hasn’t been on the elite level since the loss of Adrian Amos last year, but it is still above average. Eddie Jackson is one of the best safeties in the league, and Tashuan Gibson is a solid player next to him in the third level. Their cornerback group is slightly lacking with the two starters being Buster Skrine and Kyle Fuller. They are still ok though. Their third round pick, Jaylen Johnson, could emerge as a solid cornerback, but nothing is certain.

Overall: B-; This team definitely has potential due to their great defense. I also won’t count Nick Foles and Mitch Trubrisky out from being solid quarterbacks. They both have shined at some times. I just overall don’t think this offense is capable of beating good teams. The second the Packers or the Vikings come to town with their great defensive lines and quarterbacks, this team will be toast. I wouldn’t rely on them scoring more than 3 touchdowns consistently. They have felt the burn of low draft capital recently because of the trade for Khalil Mack. They are a very one-sided team, so that is why I have them ranked so low.

Fantasy Value: I can see David Montgomery being a steal if he can be taken at a value. He could be a risk, though, as he might not be the full focal point of the backfield with the addition of Tarik Cohen. I wouldn’t draft any other players on the bears offense. They likely won’t be having great success with a poor offensive line and quarterback game. Robinson will also be a good pick if he is taken at a value. I obviously wouldn’t be taking any of the Bears quarterbacks or tight ends.

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