Best trash talking corners

The NFL is a very competitive League of course and players on the field always try to get into each others heads and get each other angry. The reason to that is because they want to distract there rival from the game so all there focus is getting angry and not on the game and that helps them win. There trash talking players at every single position I wouldn't say much at the Quarterback position but a lot of it at Cornerbacks. I can think of a lot of corners in the NFL that have a lot of trash talking that they are good at and enforce it on the game. So that is exactly what this article is on best trash talking corners in today's NFL.

:Jalen Ramsey

Ramsey my opinion is the best corner in the game and the best trash talking corner in the game. I think even maybe he is the best trash talking player in the league I am not totally positive on that but I think he is the best trash talking corner. Ramsey has history of so many cornerback receiver fights with him always trying to get under the star receivers skin. One of the main fights Ramsey got into was when the Rams were playing against the Giants and Golden Tate was on that team. So Ramsey and Tate didn't have a good relationship reason to that is because off the field Ramsey got Golden Tate's sister pregnant then left her and Golden Tate didn't like that at all. So going into that game Tate wanted to school Ramsey. But in the game Ramsey had this huge hit on Tate that really heated things and Ramsey put a little extra on the hit to get up to Tate.

:Ramsey big hit on Tate

Not only was there that after the game there was a huge fight that broke out. Tate was most likely mad at Ramsey be to make things worse after the game Ramsey probably said something to Tate to make him mad. Or it could have been the other way around I don't know but it was most likely Ramsey that said something. But with the whole fight breaking out all the Rams and Giants players all got into a huge clump and a lot of pushing and shoving was happening. That was to because there was huge pile of guys and they were trying to break up the pile because what I have heard at the bottom of that pile Ramsey and Tate were fighting because that's how the fight started.

:Rams Giants after game fight

C.J. Gardner-Johnson

CJ is a huge trash talker up there with Ramsey he has a lot of history of doing trash talking stuff to the Chicago Bears players. There is 3 different times he has done it to the Bears there was a time in 2019 where he made fun of Bears running back Tarik Cohens height. Where Cohen was yelling being exited after a catch he made then CJ went up to him and put his hand by his head making fun of his height acting like he is low.

:CJ makes fun of Tarik Cohen's height

Then there was this year 2020 season this was something that was really famous like everyone knows this happened. This play has made player Javon Wims very famous where Wims said CJ spit on him and then the next play Wims runs over to CJ and punches him and rips a chain off his neck. Reason to that is because Wims said the play before that CJ spit on him which is very believable sounding like something CJ would do.

:Wims punches CJ Gardner

:Marcus Peters

Peters has a lot of history of getting angry with other players and even coaches and trash talks a lot. Peters even got into it once with the Saints coach after he called Peters out on a certain play. The play was when Peters was on the Rams and they were playing the Saints in the regular season and Peters was guarding receiver Michael Thomas on a play where the game was on the line. Thomas ended up burning Peters on the play and Thomas scored the TD to end the game. Later after the game the Saints coach called him out on some sorta way about that play. Peters didn't like it and even took shots back at the Saints coach for saying that and the Rams ended up playing them again in the playoffs this time and the Rams won and after the game Peters said something to the Saints that made them mad which started a mini fight.

:Thomas burns Peters for the game winner

That isn't the only time Peters has started stuff like that. This one is even better it was where he got into a trash talking fight with another great trash talking corner on this list and that is Jalen Ramsey. It started where Peters was on the Ravens and was playing his former team the Rams was trash talking his former teammates but was particularly doing it to Ramsey. First Peters had this really cool interception on former teammate QB Jared Goff and that got him really hyped up.

:Marcus Peters picks off Goff

So then with the Ravens blowing out the Rams while Peters was on the sideline and Ramsey was on the field playing defense Peters was screaming his name Jalen over and over and trash talking him a lot. That got them both mad and after the game they got in a huge fight because someone said something that turned into another.

:Ramsey on Marcus Peters fight

:Josh Norman

Norman has had some serious history I mean serious history of having anger issues on receivers. Then usually has anger issues on the superstar receivers. The one receiver cornerback anger fight was between Odell Beckham and Norman all of guys for sure know about this. This one is the one that made Josh Norman really famous fighting a guy who makes really good one handed catches. The fight started by Odell ran a really deep ball route on Norman Burned him but Odell dropped it while wide open and him and Norman exchanged words after that. That is what made them angry at each other all through out the game they were hitting each other punching and at one point in the game Odell wasn't even running routes Odell was just trying to hit Norman really hard.

:Norman and Odell fight to the ground

So that is the whole Norman Odell fight But I'll make a Opinion on this one since this one is so popular. Norman for sure started this one and has started pretty much all fights he has been in with his anger. So the other fight he got into with a superstar receiver was when it was against Dez Bryant. It was on thanksgiving day and Dez and Norman were trash talking the whole game and it came to a point it got so heated that after Dez caught a pass on Norman Norman pulled his leg super hard which created a fight. So that made them get into each others faces and mad.

:Dez gets into Norman's face

So that is my article on best trash talking corners. My favorite corner on here would probably be Jalen Ramsey. But my favorite fight on here was the Dez Norman one. But let me know who on here is the best and which one was the best fight.

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