Biggest Position Battles In The Upcoming Patriots Training Camp

So In The Biggest Positional Battles In New England's Training Camp There Are 3 Positions I think will Be entertaining To see who makes it.

First We Got Quarterback, We Have 3 Contenders Newton, Stidham And Hoyer, All 3 Looking To be a starting Quarterback In 2020, But It feels more like Newton And Stidham, This is gonna be fun Looking who is going to replace Brady in 2020, In my Opinion It is Up to 2 Things, Newtons health and playing ability, and the other thing is if Stidham is ready to be the face of the franchise or he needs more time.

Secondly, We Have The RunningBack Room, The room Holds 6 Runningbacks: Michel, Taylors, Harris, White, Bolden and Burkhead, There are two Guarantees, White and Michel Because Of the Importance and skill level Of them, Taylors is a UDFA Who Also Is 5'5, Which Can Downgrade His Chance Of making the roster, Bolden And Burkhead Are the most likely suspects of getting cut other than Taylors, Both Are Probably Fighting to make the last roster spot or if New England wants to keep 5 Backs then they would both make it, In my opinion Burkhead Gets cut and Bolden Makes It Instead With Harris, Michel And White

Lastly, The Patriots Recieving core Battle to make it Is a Minor But Big one, You got the three guarantees Being Edelman, Harry, And Sanu, Meyers Probably Would Make it too That Leaves: Byrd, Lee, Thomas, Gunner, And Other UDFA's, In my Opinion, Edelman, Sanu, Harry, Meyers, Byrd And Jeff Thomas Will Make it.

What do you guys think?

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