Blue Jays Sign George Springer.... A breakdown

So hey everyone it's me again and well umm Hot Stove is ready to cook my dinner and feed the kids again with that being said Toronto made a well confusing but not so confusing move as to sign George Springer here are my thoughts while the Mac and cheese cooks!-

Level 1- Live Look at Payroll:

One word is all I can say..... finally

Finally, someone's making moves but besides that say goodbye to Montreal as there will be no need for relocation :)

Randal Grichuk with a 10.4M impact on the Blue Jays with an Elite outfield of Teoscar Hernandez, Lourdes Gurriel Jr (Brother of Yuli), and Randal Grichuk but why sign Springer and move Gurriel to 2nd when they have an infield of Vlad Jr, Bichette, Biggio, and Espinal? Waste of money if you're gonna move Grichuk to any other positions because they have no place for him in the outfield and also trade value is loooooooow and wouldn't be much because of his 10.4M contract and at the time of making this Michael Brantley just signed a 2-year contract with the Astros.

Level 2-

Why it doesn't make any sense

Honestly, it doesn't make much sense to me because of the fact that it wastes payroll but yet Pitching where they lack the money for pitchers just went down even lower from one 6-year deal and would be a suitable contract for Trevor Bauer if he were to sign there or even J.T Realmuto because they have one catcher that got caught jacking to porn in a Florida parking lot making all Florida man's innocent and one catcher that could be used to acquire pitching for him being so young and a decent skill of what many other teams want.

If we're getting serious this was a BIG waste as I believe but it shows what I know now after I get fried by morons on Instagram and also Fantasy Hockey is the way to go because it's so easy and fun.

But with that being said thank you for dealing with me and if you want you can have a cookie on me :) it's a chocolate chippie I know you want it but besides that thank you :).

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