Breaking Dumb Things: This Mock Trade!

Hello, I am your no brain no stat game writer named eovaldismemes and I have found a website called and all I have for this website is that they rank MVP Caliber Kris Bryant Low like I mean his trade value is worse than Austin Riley's as in -16.5 or somewhere around that but forget that today we're breaking down a mock trade that includes the Braves of Atlanta receiving Power Bat 3rd Basemen, Eugenio Suarez well if you live under a rock then you better get out of here as this will be a bumpy road for you because the players they're receiving are somewhat like this:

Braves Receive:

3B Eugenio Suarez- Power Bat from the reds will most likely be the main part of this deal as his name and contract are big in Cincinnati with him being one of the best players in Cincinnati it will put his trade value to the highest it's ever been and right now would be the time to let him go if you're wanting to let him walk into Free Agency because if you don't then you won't get any good prospects and blah blah blah

Suarez (29) is certainly a good power bat for the already threat Atlanta braves but first lets notice how this lineup would be with Suarez

Depth chart wise-

C- Travis D'Aurnaud

1B- Freddie Freeman

2B- Ozzie Albies

3B- Eugenio Suarez

SS- Dansby Swanson

LF- Ender Inciarte

CF- Christian Pache

RF- Ronald Acuna Jr

That's Something also note if they resign Ozuna (Most Likely Not) It will get scary for Mets Vs Braves Series at Citi Field with the recent acquisition of Fransisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco

Now with the Reds-

Catcher Shea Langeliers, They will get a top prospect catcher in Shea Langeliers

Langeliers, Ranked 4th Best in the Braves farm system is a Catcher known for his defense and has a bit of pop in the bat according to and a catcher is something that the Reds are looking for but then they also have Tyler Stephenson who is 24 and will be 25 turning 26 the year Langeliers is estimated to call up in the MLB but would be good as Shea is estimated to look better than Stephenson and could use Stephenson as a trade piece for a first baseman or even a bullpen arm

But would benefit for when Barnhart is gone because let's face it he's not that good and to see him in a trade for someone at first would be good for when the Canadian Votto Retires as one of the many great reds.

3B Austin Riley- Easily one of the best parts of this deal, Power for Power but in this case one power is young and a rookie but ranked as a high prospect and the other is power bat Suarez and well I think this would be a Great steal if the braves did this because let's face it Austin Riley's May and June of 2019 with 14 Home Runs shows some power on that kid and would help from lessons from Moose and Nicholas Castellanos

Well I hope you enjoyed this post please drop a follow and tell me some feedback, should I keep doing more of these, or should I just post breakdowns of normal trades

and trust me I'll be here for more if you like these types of posts

Much Love,


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