Bucs - Chiefs Super Bowl Preview

A little bit last minute, but now is better than ever. Tom Brady making his 10th Super Bowl of his career, his previous 9 being with the Patriots. The Buccaneers are the first team to host a Super Bowl with it being in Tampa Bay. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl for the second year in a row, after defeating the 49ers 31-20 last season. Let's get into my Super Bowl preview and prediction.

Both teams finished with a top 7 offense, as well as top 5 passing offenses in the league, but the Chiefs have the edge in rushing offense where the Buccaneers rank 29th, where the Chiefs rank 16th. We saw in week 12, both Brady and Mahomes threw for 3 TDS however Mahomes had 460 yards compared to Bradys 350 and 2 INT. Tyreek Hill tore apart the Buccaneers secondary finishing with 269 yards on 13 catches and 3 TDS. In the week 12 matchup, the Buccaneers played much better outscoring the Chiefs 17-7, but the horrific defensive first half was too much for the Buccaneers to overcome as they fell 27-24.

We saw in that game the Buccaneers were able to run the ball efficiently having a 6.3 YPC between Jones and Fournette. A big key for the Buccaneers to be able to win this game needs to be to get the run game going early and often. In the Chiefs only loss with Mahomes starting at QB against the Raiders, Jacobs and Booker rushed for 140 yards combined, with Jacobs having 2 TDS on the ground. The key to success offensively against the Chiefs is to run the ball, where they finished with the 21st rush defense in the league.

The first half for the Chiefs in week 12 they were able to throw all over the Buccaneers secondary, and really just throughout the game, which is where the Buccaneers struggle. All season long we've seen the Bucs secondary get torn apart, and then bounce back and play great. Very inconsistent. The Chiefs strength is throwing the ball with Mahomes around to Hill and Kelce, which plays perfectly with what the Buccaneers struggle with.

The Buccaneers have been a different team since their week 12 loss, and haven't lost since. However, something that worries me is the teams slow starts. Against Atlanta in week 15, the team was shutout in the first half, and was down 24-7 in the 3rd quarter before mounting a comeback to steal the game. Another example was week 4 against the Chargers where they again, found themselves down 24-7 before rallying back to win the game. If the team opens with a slow start against the Chiefs like they did as well in week 12, they'll be in big trouble, assuming that Mahomes and the Chiefs offense does what they're capable of.

I've said since week 3 when the Chiefs blew out the Ravens that they were the best team in the NFL, and were going back to the Super Bowl. Well here they are. Nothing really to nitpick about them except they had the tendency to play down to their opponents in the regular season, especially in the later stages of the season against the Broncos, Dolphins, and Falcons. However, besides giving up 40 to the Raiders, and losing to the Chargers in week 17 without Mahomes, Tyreek, and Kelce, the Chiefs have been perfect.

The Buccaneers need to be able to run the ball in order to have a shot against the Chiefs, and they need to be aggressive and not settle for 3 in the redzone, because more often than not the Chiefs will cash in for 7. The Chiefs just need to play the way they have been all season and continue to ravish opposing secondaries on their way to a victory.

My prediction for the game is that the Buccaneers and Tom Brady will find a way to come out on top, and Brady will secure #7, by a score of 38-27. The Buccaneers defense has forced 7 turnovers in these playoffs, and I expect at least 1 this game in the later stages to secure the game. The Chiefs high powered offense will start out the gates strong, but I think that Brady will mount one of his legendary comebacks to win it all, as well as getting his 5th Super Bowl MVP.

Obviously, anything could happen. These are 2 great teams, and I think that the Chiefs could very will come out of the gates and not take their foot off the gas and win by 4 scores. But, I don't see it happening.

Comment below your thoughts on the article, as well as your predictions for the Super Bowl! Stay tuned for a Super Bowl recap coming Monday or Tuesday morning as well.

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