Building the Perfect NFL Quarterback

In today’s article I’m going to be building the perfect NFL quarterback by breaking down a variety of skill sets and selecting the best NFL quarterback at each skill set to create an unstoppable quarterback.

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Size: Cam Newton’s size is an asset for any NFL signal caller. At 6’5 and 245 pounds Newton’s height and weight are textbook for the NFL game. Newton is tall enough to see over his offensive line and substantial enough to power the ball downfield. Plus, his size allows him to come back after big hits, which are inevitable at the quarterback position.

Arm Talent: Patrick Mahomes’ arm is elite. He’s got the power to make any throw on the field and that’s what’s allowed him to be successful in his career so far. Talk about zip on the football, Mahomes has it and his spiral is as pretty as anyone’s in the NFL. When it comes to arm talent and being able to throw a football, Mahomes is up there with anyone in today’s game.

Accuracy: Drew Brees has led the NFL six times in his career in completion percentage, including each of the last three seasons where he’s been consistently above 70 percent. In a pass heavy league, completing passes is becoming more and more important, and Drew Brees over his career has consistently shown his ability to find his receivers and make pinpoint throws through tight coverage.

Playoff Experience: Tom Brady has played in the most playoff games of any player, has won the most Super Bowls of any quarterback, and has been to the Super Bowl more times than any quarterback. Therefore, when it comes to playoff experience, it’s got to be the greatest playoff quarterback of all time in Tom Brady.

Football IQ: Aaron Rodgers is up among the smartest quarterbacks in the NFL. His ability to scan, analyze, and understand what defenses are giving him is unparalleled to anyone in the NFL. His awareness is off the charts and he understands game situations better than anyone in the NFL. One example of this is his ability to pull a defense offside and then use a free play to take a shot downfield. Rodgers almost always capitalizes in those situations because he understands football, and he knows ways to make the most out of every play. Football IQ is about being able to read defenses and manage games, but it's also about performing at a high level by taking advantage of what you see in front of you. Aaron Rodgers does all of that.

Mobility: Lamar Jackson is a monster. When it comes to mobility, Jackson is arguably better with his legs than with his arm, and after rushing for over 1200 yards in 2019, Jackson has established himself as one of the NFL’s best mobile quarterbacks. Last season, Jackson ranked first in every major quarterback rushing stat, and ranked second in rushing touchdowns behind Josh Allen. When it comes to making plays outside the pocket with your legs, every quarterback wishes he had Jackson’s speed and mobility.

Athleticism: Josh Allen is an athletic weapon. That’s why he went in the first round back in 2018. In college, Allen was sloppy, but his big athletic upside was enough for the Bills to draft him. Allen is a big dual threat weapon with his enormous arm and freakish mobility. Allen has the power to throw the ball anywhere on the field, but what makes him the most athletic quarterback is his efficiency and effectiveness as a rusher. In 2019, Allen rushed for 510 yards (the third most of any quarterback), on 109 carries (the second most of any quarterback), while racking up nine rushing touchdowns (the most by any quarterback). Plus, his big frame and size are good attributes that only help his athleticism, and his ability as a big arm quarterback and a great runner is what makes him the NFL’s most athletic signal caller.

Poise: Russell Wilson has famously been behind terrible offensive lines during a big part of his career in Seattle. Yet, when it comes to hanging in the pocket taking the big hit and completing a pass downfield, Wilson excels. Plus, he’s got the awareness to know where the defense is coming from and the agility to get out of the pocket and make a throw downfield. Wilson’s got the poise, the awareness, and the pocket presence that most quarterbacks would die for.

Durability & Longevity: Philip Rivers may not be the first quarterback to come to mind when talking about durability and longevity, but from the 2006 to 2019 season, Rivers never missed a season or a game. Plus he’s an eight time pro bowler, and at the quarterback position it’s essential to have a player who can stay healthy year in and year out while playing at a high level. That’s Philip Rivers.

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