Can Aaron Rodgers Earn Another Ring Before Retirement?

The Answer Is: MAYBE

Why Aaron Rodgers Will Win Another Ring.

The packers arguably have the best offense in the game averaging around 25+ points each match up. Aaron Rodgers has been surprising every team he played against. Aaron may be old, but he is still a MVP contender matching up with Russell Wilson.

But let's not forget about Davante Adams, arguably the best wide receiver right now. Davante Adams has been a stud route runner scaring every corner he plays. But everyone focuses on Davante Adams on the packers WR core, but what about the other wide receiver? Allen Lazard has been a playmaker his few weeks playing, sadly he is on IR but will come back soon for the fight.

But we can never forget about the stacked runningback core the packers have. We obviously have one of the best runningbacks out there right now, Aaron Jones. But everyone always sleeps on Jamaal Williams & AJ Dillon! Jamaal Williams played a great game against the texans scoring 20 points on fantasy & out matching starting runningbacks. AJ Dillon looks like Derrick Henry Jr, this man will run right through defenses like it's nothing.

What about more throwing and blocking help for Rodgers? Robert Tonyan is a tightend for the packers, he scored a whopping 3 touchdowns in one game. Jace Sternberger, another tightend on the packers. He is an average tightend that plays great games but sometimes doesn't even get the chance to touch the ball.

Why Aaron Rodgers Won't Win Another Ring.

The packers offense looks elite, that's not really their problem right now, their problem is.. THE DEFENSE!

Packers defense is good dont get me wrong, but they seem to struggle a lot against good offenses. The packers defense needs to step it up & equal up with their offense. Not only is the packers defense struggling, they're unconsistant. Sometimes the packers defense plays great, but other times, they play like they are middle schoolers on a field.

What's the main problem on the packers defense? Mike Pettine. Mike Pettine is a defensive coordinator on the packers, and let's just say.. he's horrible. Mike Pettine makes so many bad calls which ruins the packers defense. The packers need to fire Mike Pettine ASAP, or else the packers defense will keep going downhill.

Now, let's stop focusing on the packers defense, what about the wide receiver problem?

The packers definitely need to sign a wide receiver that can help Aaron Rodgers out. Yes, the packers do sign wide receivers all the time, but everytime, they end of being on the practice squad.

Which wide receiver should the packers sign? Well there's lots of options. For example: Jamison Crowder, Will Fuller, Marvin Jones Jr, John Ross, ETC.

Thanks for reading my first article, I hope I can make more articles soon!



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