Can Coby White be a franchise point guard for the Bulls?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Coby White was drafted 7th overall by the Bulls this past season. It looks likely the Coby will earn All-Rookie first team.

Pre All-Star break Coby might not even have been on a All-Rookie team. But, post All-Star break it seems like Coby could blossom into a star.

Among rookies post All-Star break Coby ranks second in points (24.7). Not to mention, that he got his first start with the Bulls and they got the victory (NBA went on hiatus after that).

Additionally, Coby ranks second in assists (4.3), first in three-pointers made (3.5), and third in three-point percentage (40.7%).

Because of his contributions, Coby earned himself Rookie of the month in February.

Coby should start every game in the 2020-21 season, and it was not smart that he didn't all of the year.

The Bulls' coach is Jim Boylen and he is an awful coach. There is no secret that he is just not right. The Bulls finally restructured their management positions, so once Boylen is fired, the only coaching job he will have is for his future grandson and he still might not get the job.

The point is once the Bulls get a new head coach, Coby can finally blossom into a future star.

Coby has attempted to model his game after his mentor Chris Paul and Paul says that Coby has the potential to be great.

He has shown that he can shine and his shooting is no joke. He has hit the most threes out of any rookie.

If Coby plays like he did post All-Star break he could be in All-Star next year. The potential is there for Coby.

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