Can the Bears Keep Their Hot Start?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Chicago Bears have gotten off to a very good 5-1 start, but every expert is calling them the worst 5-1 team ever. Like Nick Foles said, "Rather have an ugly win than a pretty loss". With their next 5 games coming up can they keep it up and take down some of the top dogs in the league? Or will the Bears fall out of the Playoff contender conversation? The Bears have a lot of strengths so far this season, but a lot of disappointments too.



This is the Worst Bears offensive line since the end of the Marc Trestman era. If you did not watch football back then just know it is very bad. While the Bears have an All-Pro level center in Cody Whitehair the rest is below average. Running Back David Montgomery has had to break 1-2 tackles almost every run just to get 2 yards. People are getting mad at Matt Nagy for not establishing it, but it's hard to do it when the O-Line can not get a push. The Pass O-line has been very average the sack numbers should be higher, but they Had Mitchell Trubisky for the first 2 and 1/2 weeks and he can do that.

Play Calling

Head Coach Matt Nagy is a very good Head Coach, except when it comes to play-calling. Even though it has slowed down in the past 2 weeks every time I see Cordarrelle Patterson on the field I get mad. For some reason, Nagy love putting him in on 3rd and 1 and 3rd and 2. And every time he comes on to the field it seems like the ball goes his way. Nagy is a very smart coach so he tries to outsmart them with some weird play. He needs to understand that to win with Nick Foles the Bears have to call some basic plays.

Run Defense

When Eddie Goldman opted out I was sad, but I did not realize how bad he was needed for his defense. The run game had not been good this season. They played well against Mike Davis who was on fire, but we also let an old Adrian Peterson, an out of prime Todd Gurley, and Ronald Jones run all over us. They should of went out and signed Damion Harrison who is in Seattle and now they are in a bit of a whole with no real option than to just stick it out with no true nose tackle on the team.


Passing Defense

The Chicago Bears have looked like 2018 when it comes to the passing game. They are forcing turnovers and making experienced QBs look below average. Every QB they have played besides Matt Stafford has not looked good when playing this defense. Kyle Fuller has looked like a top 5 CB, rookie Jaylon Johnson should be in the Defensive Rookie of the Years list and Eddie Jackson is back to his old ways of getting the ball even when the QB is not throwing to him having a forced fumble last week and 2 phantom PI calls against him that took 7 off the board for the bears. Finally, the D line is starting to get back into it as Khalil Mack has been a force these past 2 weeks, and Akeem Hicks does what he does and makes plays that don't show up on the stat sheet.

Allen Robinson

If there was a question about him being a top 10 receiver in the league before the season then he has put that debate to bed. A Rob is a beast and has 0 drops (1st) this season on 65 targets (1st) and 474 (10th) yards. If he is in one on one coverage deep he will almost always have the upper hand. Ryan Pace and Allen Robinson's Agent need to sit down on a zoom call and sign this man to a big deal as he is on track to maybe being the best Bears Receiver of all time.

Special Teams

This may come as a shock to most people, but the Bears actually have a good Kicker for the first time since Robbie Gould. Cario Santons came up huge last week hitting a career long 55-yard field that maybe could have gone through at 60. He also hit 2 others that looked good. Overall he is 10/12 as he has gotten better by the week outside 35 yards. Returning the ball on Kickoffs is secure at the moment with Cordalle Patterson and the loss of Tarik Cohen hurts on punts as he was one of the best in the league Ted Ginn and Anthony Miller will do a fine job filling in. If worst comes to worst and they both stink then the Bears will have to take the risk of putting a really good return man in Eddie Jackson back there. Finally, in the punting game, Pat O'Donnel has gotten a lot of reps these past two years and is our guy for the future.

My Predictions for the Bears next 5 games:

CHI VS LAR: The Defense shuts down Jared Goff and Nick Foles plays well enough to win. 24-13

NOLA VS CHI: Kamara toasts the Bears D as the Bears still struggle in the run game against Cam Jordan and company. 28-17

CHI VS TN: The D turns out to be Derrik Henrys Kryptonite as the Titans struggle in the Red Zone and Nick Foles has one of his better games of the season against a struggling Titans D. 28-24

MIN VS CHI: The Bears get an auto-win as they are playing Kirk Cousins on MNF. 21-10

CHI VS GB: The Bears struggle off the bye week as Aaron Jones proves to be the savior of the games as he runs for over 100 yards. 23-21

If this happens it would put the Bears at a near-lock for the playoffs at 8-3. They would also prove that they could win against great teams and that the Buccaneer game was not a fluke.

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