Clayton Kershaw, the 2,500 K Pitcher

By Javier Ascoli

Yesterday, on September the 3rd, 2020 the left pitcher from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw, with his signature curveball got the 2,500th strikeout of his career, in the first out of the second inning, against the Arizona Diamondbacks. With this strikeout to Diamondbacks shortstop Nick Ahmed, Kershaw is now in position 38 of the All-Time MLB Strikeout list. At the age of 32, he became the 3rd youngest MLB pitcher to reach 2,500 strikeouts, just behind two historic legends Nolan Ryan and Walter Johnson. He got his first K, on May 25th, 2008. Kershaw joins alongside Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Zack Greinke, and Cole Hamels, as the only five active pitchers with at least 2,500 strikeouts.

Kershaw is having a wonderful season. And the 2,500th Strikeout is not the only historic number he has reached in this unique 2020 season. In August, he passed Don Drysdale, and converted in the second pitcher with the most strikeouts in Dodgers history, just behind Don Sutton, who has 2,696. He also became the left pitcher with the best game-winning average in MLB, with .696. Kershaw needs just three more wins to tie Brickyard Kennedy in the fourth place of All-Time Dodgers wins.

In this season, Kershaw has started six games, with a 5-1 record, thirty-six innings pitched, twenty hits, six walks, a 1.50 ERA, and just six runs allowed.

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