College Football’s fate.

At OnTheGoaline we interview athlete. On June 10th we spoke to 2 players over the phone about the season. They both had opposite takes on the season. Kobe Smith of San Diego State agrees with me with that there will be a season. The only disagreement is that how it will look. His view is that there will not be fans due to the Coronavirus Safety Concerns. He says that “I don’t think that we’re gonna have fans”. He also states “I do think we will have a season”. Something interesting thing he said I looked into. He said he has seen people purchase “cutouts“. Tyler Ringwood had a more optimistic look. He said fans will be in the stadium and he looks forward to playing in Neyland in front of a capacity crowd. My personal take goes hand in hand with the experts. The NCAA could never ignore the expert doctors suggestions. If some places have to be played without fans than they will not be played at. If the area is not safe for fans, it will not be safe for players. I expect there to be a season but a shortened and fan free one at neutral sites. This is not my hope and my expectation. My hope is for a full season with venues packed as we all should hope.

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